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Zaxcom Nomad length of sync and display, your thoughts

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23 minutes ago, fieldmixer said:

Re: powering down... its at powerup, where gremlins or failures are most likely to happen. Ask any tv engineer. One of the reasons most all gear is left constantly on at permanent broadcast installations.


Just now, Philip Perkins said:

Yeah, in general....let it burn...

Hello, That's interesting. So when you say Gremlins, do you mean timecode  Gremlins or any of the  Gremlins that can happen in a piece of computerized Electronics?

Sincerely, Martin

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On 2016/12/10 at 9:41 PM, MartinTheMixer said:

Hiro,  Are you trying to get me to leave my Nomad out in the cold for this test? Ok, let me set up everything. Do I leave the slate out in the cold too? Or do we have one 40 degrees warmer than the other? The reference you made above, I would have wanted to jam 2 Deneckes, or in your case 3 Deneckes, and take a picture of the display of the 3 Denecke slates, and see what the time code was, both 5 seconds after jamming, and then later at lunch. 

Also, I haven't tried this either, I could sync 2 slates, 40 degrees apart, and then 10 hours later, check the sync of the 2, then, bring the cold slate up to temp and recheck.

Sincerely, Martin 

Hi Martin, sorry for my late responds... just read the thread. 

A test might show the difference. But we rarely worked under those weather conditions. After that in-sync incident happened, I was always getting the sync from my tentacle from other mixers'SD, then sync back from my Nomad. In the real world, I guess I had no chance to test again for that.  

I am on SD633 for most of time. 

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