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Samplitude's "O-Ton-Modus"

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On 2018-02-15 at 2:11 AM, Jason Jouver said:

I just made a pretty simple custom action in Reaper to do this and assigned it to a keystroke.

I second Reaper for this. Even th ough you might think installing a full DAW for simple playback operation, Reaper can be customized into anything and even though it's a fully fledged DAW it opens up in no time and can do the simplest things, as well as the heavy ones. Custom actions and playback control is one of them. Takes a little setting up but it's pretty stable when it's up and running. 

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there is a workaround some users shared with Marcel and he with me:


One thing, there is a kind of hacky way to accomplish a "pause at the end of every track in a playlist" in Soundplant which some users have told me they are currently doing. If you create a key that has a short silent looping sound on it (or a sound with 0 volume), you can use this as a "pause" sound since it will effectively pause the playlist with looping silence until the playlist is advanced by hitting 'delete' to kill the looping sound. So in this way the delete key becomes the step-through key. For example in your case you could make the "A" key a silent sound set to loop, then make your playlist have a sequence of "1", "A", "2", "A", "3", "A" etc. Start the sequence by hitting "1" and then at the end of track 1 the queue will effectively "pause" on A's looping sound until you hit 'delete' to kill the looping sound and advance to the next in queue.



one little add from my side:


use the silent loop as the first segment of the queue. The loop will be the trigger key of the queue. You start the queue at any given time but it will remain silent until you hit „delete“. That way it’s only the „delete“ key you need to find during a take.

Basically exactly what I wanted just reduced to the specific „delete“ key. But that’s ok.

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