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Samplitude's "O-Ton-Modus"

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I'm looking for a software that runs on a mac and offers what is called "O-Ton-Modus" or "cue mode" on Samplitude.

One splits a track into several clips and when hit the space bar it plays one clip, pauses at the beginning of the next clip until one hits space again. And so on.

Its just what I want for prerecorded phone conversations.

I don't wanna use those cartridge-type software. Just not flexible enough. I need to rearrange the clips on the fly.

Any ideas?

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Well, I use QLab for this. Easy to make cues from one or many source files and drag them around in the cue list stack, it's way deeper than it  looks at first glance, it's the predominant playback system in Theatre nowadays. Not a timeline like a DAW. It's also quite possible to make ProTools stop-and-recue from clip to clip using a MIDI Track sending via an IAC driver to Keyboard Maestro to convert a specific MIDI note to a spacebar-tab message if you really need to use a DAW. That will work with any DAW (ie Reaper) that can do MIDI. 

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QLab is the pro-theatre/dance etc app for this (but is Mac only).  It also is the App From Planet Zargon if you are used to a regular DAW--it has its own way of doing things, but can do a huge number of tasks.  The basic stereo out version is free but only runs on later model macs if you go with v4.  A simple app I like a lot for firing off a lot of cues fast is Soundplant, which is Mac or PC (I use it on both).  Very simple and very fast, and can even record its own output if you want.

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Soundplant could be my fav!! Just run into some issues with it.

running OSX 10.8.5 and SP43 (demo) I am having several issues:

assigned keys have no title or any indicator written on them
when mousing over any keys no indicator either pops up
when playing sounds from different keys the waveform stays with the last selected key
space bar doesn´t work as stop

tried an older version of SP but that doesn´t allow to copy one key to another?




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got help from Soundplant´s Marcel: my font Arial was corrupted. After deleting and reinstalling (he even provided a link to that) it opens as expected.

For phone conversation one can assigne the whole file to several keys (copy mode) and then use the waveform to adjust the IN and OUT differently for each key. That way I can adjust everything within Soundplant.

If only I could use one single key to trigger the assigned keys one by one. When mixing dialog I can have a finger on the space bar but looking for the right key for every line is a pita.

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just in case (and I believe if you need to do playback of prerecorded dialog you do) anyone else would be interested in this kind of feature implemented in Soundplant please let the guy behind Soundplant (Marcel) know.

He offered to customize the software at a very reasonable price. But if it is just me it´s still a bit too much I think. If he gets feedback from more potential users he might implement it.


here is the email: soundplant ADD soundplant DOT org

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Seems like a simple feature, basically an "EDL mode" where you add assigned sound/keys to a list and then you run thru the list with the push of some assigned key.  I would rather it not be the spacebar....I think the spacebar should be FULL STOP (like of the EDL).  But it shouldn't be a huge deal to allow custom assignment of the "GO" key.

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there is a new software called Farrago made by Rogue Amoeba:




my OSX is too old to try this new mac software. But it says:


List View

Farrago's unique List View lets you use it as a show runner. Order your clips, add notes, then play them in sequence.


Can someone give it a try (free test version) and see if we can use it as wanted with Soundplant?



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