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  1. Bash

    Zaxcom FP8 Alternatives

    What we have to understand here is the difference between a mixer (which has pre amps, mixing circuits, output stages, faders etc....) and a fader panel, which is simply a box with some faders on, which communicates the position of the fader to the (separate) mixer/recorder. Remember that no audio passes through an FP8, it merely sends some fader values to the Maxx/Nomad/Deva. In truth I think it should be said that there is very little chance indeed that you will get an FP4 or anything similar for your Nomad. Until recently very few manufacturers in our field have allowed non proprietary panels to work with their kit. I can understand that decision, but it should also be pointed out that their are protocols out their for (midi style) fader panels which work for DAWs. Sound Devices have tapped into this for the Mix Pre Series, and it seems to be working for them quite well.Unfortunately the Nomad and Maxx series are quite mature now, so I suspect any future developments. especially external units, are unlikely as the potential forward sales will be low.
  2. Bash

    Zaxcom FP8 Alternatives

    Zaxcom panels are somewhat proprietary, and I know of no other panels that will work with Zaxcom kit. I also believe that Zaxcom kit will only 'see' one panel connected to it. I am sorry if this is not the answer you were looking for. Simon B
  3. Everything Audio in London have pretty much .... everything!!!
  4. Bash

    RIP - Malcolm Davies, Amps, CAS

    Malcolm Davies was already a legend in UK sound recording circles, when I was 'a boy' (as he would have referred to me) on my way up into the industry some.... well .... 35 years ago. He was ... ubiquitous... omnipresent.... and all over the place. He did loads of work on the Isle of Man (a tiny tax haven island just off the west coast of England), during the 10 or 15 years that there was much film production there on account of tax breaks for productions to shoot there. Malcolm was fantastically generous with his abundant knowledge, which he was genuinely more than happy to share at any opportunity. Malcolm was always interested in the nuts and bolts of sound recording. He had tidy little sidelines going by buying and selling sound blankets, and also making Ursta'esque sound trolleys. Malcolm was one of THE most keen and fired up sound recordists I have ever come across. I am genuinely not sure what his age was when he died last week (ironically he died only a day or two before his birthday), but within the last 6 or 8 months, when I put a shout out on 'the social media' for a second unit recordist and team in Manchester, the first reply was from Malcolm.... 'I'm free' or words to that effect. I bought a few items of kit from Malcolm a couple of years ago. When the package arrived, I opened it to find that Malcolm had included a pile of extra accessory stuff, all totally pertinent to the stuff I had actually paid for, with a note to say 'you might as well have this stuff as it will be no use to me'. The number of fond memories of Malcolm here in the UK (forums etc..) has been extraordinary. He really di touch many, many people's lives. Malcolm went quiet on the UK forums about 6 or 8 months ago. When he resurfaced it turned out he had had (I think it was) quadruple heart bypass surgery. As soon as he was able to do so he was back on the forums here, and we were glad to have him back. His 'Friday stories' of times past, were legendary over here in the UK. He had great and good wit, and was always glad to call out 'production' when they were being asurd. Malcolm was absolutely one of the 'Good Guys'. I am so very sad to be saying goodbye to Malcolm Davies - he was an absolute legend around these parts. Simon Bishop
  5. I genuinely wish you the best of luck, but..... I am intrigued as to how you have come to this decision... love... lust... stupidity......??? Give us a few clues.. In which genre do you work? What circumstances have brought you to the conclusion that the UK is 'the place to be' ? What was dissappointing you in your career in the (I make an assumption) US? What research have you done? Might I asume that you have a UK relative, so can get through the 'ability to work' thing. I really do wish you the best of luck. I really hope that you are arriving with already in place contacts 😉 sb
  6. Bash

    I am STUNNED np50 dual charger

    I have a WrineX charger for my NP50s and it is absolutely brilliant. I cannot recommend it highly enough. On the topic of 'stuff' that might look entirely similar to OEM stuff..... I have a pal who used to own a company making LED lights for film and TV. He had deals with numerous LED manufacturers, Philips, Cree, etc..... Part of his deal stated that the LEDs would have to be delivered to him with no more than a certain (very small) percentage of colour difference between the entire LED delivery that came to him. The manufacturer tested and graded the LEDs, taking out something like the top 2% to go to my mate's company. This was expensive, but not so much as buying the 'cheaper', less accurate coloured LEDs, and throwing out the 'bad ones'. As an aside.... he wouldn't make an LED lamp that way nowadays. Now he would design with built in self colour checking, and some sort of fuzzy logic along the lines of 'more red, less blue' until the (measured) target colour is reached..... On the topic of QC.... I recently worked on a dance dhow where the audience get to 'vote' if they like what they are seeing. Each seat has a small led ringlight on a stick - the 'ring' sits above the occupant's shoulder. When they vote the ring changes colour. The lights add somewhat to the overall lightshow for the show. I got talking to the chap from the company who had supplied the entire voting system, including the ringlights. He told me that had pulled the whole system together in about 14 or so weeks, from commission to delivery, though they had done the design work in advance, and had taken the precaution of lining up a Chinese manufacturer to make the (some thousands of) led populated boards for the rings. They deliberately over ordered, knowing that there would be failures 'out of the box'. They nearly didnt make the delivery, on account of the failure rate, which was, apparently, nearly 50% !!!!! Regards, Simon B
  7. Bash

    Are Sennheiser HD 26s worth the price?

    Absolutely yes 😉
  8. Bash

    Sound Devices MixPre version 3.0 Now Released

    My life is so very much better since I gave up on RAMPS. I am so very happy not to have to read the bile that Roberto and Oleg used to sling at each other 😉
  9. I have an 8050 which has been in the bag for years, almost entirely unused, on account of my not possessing a mount/windshield for it that could deal with handling noise. I have recently bought a Cinela Cosi for it, and I am mightily impressed. It seems to work very well indeed.
  10. Bash

    Sound Devices MixPre version 3.0 Now Released

    I hate to mention this Jon, as I am very much enjoying being a SD owner/user again, but....... when you say '.... and we will make this right, as we have since the early days....' - I feel I have to ask about the glitchy recording when using the USB Pre Mk1 - I believe that was not necessarily a soft/firmware issue, but to my knowledge it was never solved, hence I am still the slightly disgruntled owner of a USB Pre Mk1 which is effectively useless - the only thing it is good for is as a D to A...... I believe the problem was the chip, not made by SD, but I don't think that product was your finest...... From a very rainy London, Simon B
  11. Bash

    AATON Cantar Mini VS. Sonosax SX-R4+

    See https://vimeopro.com/ipstv/ips-tv-at-ibc-2018/video/290262351 sb
  12. Bash

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    I would have thought that with products such as SD Mix Pre 6, with a twin channel Rx (or two) and Tx's, plus a small boom mic (I am liking my Senn 8050 in a Cinela Cosi) one could put together a tiny, emergency kit which could easily become a part of one's hand baggage. Put the rest of the (grown up) kit in the hold and enjoy belt and braces, the best of both worlds. It's all getting smaller and smaller...... Simon B
  13. Bash

    Np50 chargers

    Joppe's charger is brilliant - I love it. It is the best I have seen so far. Simon B
  14. Bash

    Clear-Com FreeSpeak II Wireless Intercom System

  15. Bash

    Np-50 Bulk Charger

    I meant to say yes please USB - it can then double as charger for Nanolockits and/or Tentacle etc..... sb