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Sandor Gyurkovics

Reference Check for WTB/FS forum transaction

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Hi folks, 


looking to make a purchase from a forum member and could use a reference check from the group.  Jordan Bodhaine out of New Mexico.  Any comments?  On IMDB he seems to be a real life guy.  Just being diligent.  


feel free to either post here or PM me, whatever your all comfortable with.  


thanks all. 


ps.  assuming it's all good jordan, stoked to add the mixer to my arsenal.  



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Keep in mind that the primary purpose of this forum is as a discussion group for professional sound mixers.  Jeff added the WTB/FS section as an accommodation to serve active forum members.  The higher the number of non-buy/sell posts a person has here, indicates a greater contribution to this community as it's intended.


Obviously, just because someone isn't active here doesn't indicate they're a bad person by any means, however, those who contribute to the community usually have reputations that mean much more to them than any buy/sell transaction.


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Also if someone has been active on the forums that means they have shown the kind of detailed knowledge that a random drive by scammer is unlikely to have. (or at least, the effort to learn it is more hassle than it would be worth! Or so you'd hope)

Biggest pitfall to watch out for: some random pretending to be a real life experienced guy, who they are not. Just because a person links to an IMDB profile and says they are him, doesn't mean they are!

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