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MixPre 10T - Runtime on rechargeable AA batteries?

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Hi All,


Hope everyone is well and having a good week :-)


Are there any MixPre 10T users powering their units internally with 8 rechargeable AA batteries in the included sled?  Any experience with the runtime with this powering method? If you are satisfied with internal AA rechargeable battery performance, what brand are you having good results with?


Sound Devices has an article about the MixPre series powering but not too specific about the 10T model. 



I'm thinking that I should ultimately get the  L-Mount Sony style batteries and sled and keep the 10T loaded with rechargeable AAs as backup. If you have any other suggestions that would be very welcome.

Thanks for any tips about the 10T and rechargeable AA performance - much appreciated.






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You should join the Facebook group:



I've seen at least one report on there of weird behavior when the -10T is powered solely by AA batteries - including not being able to access the timecode menu, or format a USB thumb drive. These errors were reported to go away when an L-mount battery was attached. 



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