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    Windscreen Rycote or BUBBLEBEE Industries

    I’ve not done a head to head comparison but my impression is that the spacer is more effective and sounds better (esp. with the fur removed) than a classic softie, and not quite as good as a traditional basket + windjammer. Side note: I wanted the spacer bubble for my Neumann RSM190 stereo mic, but the mic does not fit in any of their standard models. When I reached out to Bubblebee about that they gladly made me a custom one to fit (using measurements I sent them of the mic). They turned it around in just a few weeks and it didn’t cost me any more than an off the shelf one. Rycote’s customer service is great as well of course, but I was really impressed with how Bubblebee went above and beyond. -Mike
  2. Mobilemike

    Windscreen Rycote or BUBBLEBEE Industries

    I have a Spacer bubble and the short fur doesn’t seem terribly more effective in medium-heavy wind than the spacer by itself to me. You will definitely want the long fur too. -Mike
  3. Mobilemike

    What is your spare recorder

    Genius! -Mike
  4. Mobilemike

    Mixpre remix

    If you have the Musicians plugin I believe you can use that to load files into a project from the card. If not I’m not sure there’s a way to load files back onto the MixPre. -Mike
  5. Mobilemike

    Cos 11 Sticky cable- not from tape...

    Amazon has Remove wipes for $9/50. -Mike
  6. Mobilemike

    MixPre 6/LANC remote control project

    Very cool! -Mike
  7. Mobilemike

    Ktek Squid vs. Rycote XLR holder MK II?

    I use the Squid with a Zaxcom ZMT3 Phantom. Works great, no complaints. -Mike
  8. Mobilemike

    DPA 4061, Best prices?

    Gotham Sound has nice prices on non-microdot DPA’s. Add them to your cart to see the price. -Mike
  9. Mobilemike

    iZotope RX 7 tease

    Sweet, thanks for the heads up! -Mike
  10. Mobilemike

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Wingman does act as a virtual keyboard AFAIK. I certainly use it to rename channels, edit file names, enter metadata, etc., in addition to starting and stopping recording. Is there something else a keyboard can do that Wingman can't? I've never needed a keyboard personally. I love the support for fader controllers! Thats what I've been hoping for since the MixPre's were released! I can't say I'm too fond of the specific controllers they support yet though - they all seem to have very short throw, plastic faders. I'd love one with some nice long throw faders on it, so a big +1 to adding more options and/or opening up the protocols. -Mike
  11. Mobilemike

    Sound Backpack Rig

    Very nice - looks great! How are you finding the heat having everything enclosed in the backpack? Ever feel like the gear is getting too warm? -Mike
  12. Mobilemike

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    The CS-M1 by itself is quite light. The picture shows it with a Rycote softie on it though, which I'm sure adds some weight, and makes the system a bit front heavy. Just guessing here, but since it is such a small mic, stiffer lyres are probably needed to counteract the weight of the softie and balance the mic out. -Mike
  13. Mobilemike

    633 or 788T HDD

    Do you ever need 8 channels? If so then your choice is easy I have both and prefer the 633 for a lot of jobs because it is smaller and lighter. It’s much easier to enter metadata and change track names on the 633 because of the wingman app. I find the menu system easier to navigate on the 633 but that’s personal preference too. Both are awesome tho and for music gigs or when I need more than six channels or more than three mic preamps I have no hesitation using 788. -Mike
  14. Mobilemike

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    I would love to but unfortunately I had to give it back to Gotham. When I get one for real (they are heavily backordered apparently) I will definitely do some more tests. -Mike
  15. Mobilemike

    Sonosax M2D2

    Woohoo this looks awesome! The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is not having any balanced analog outputs. Any chance of making that analog output a TA5 so that we can get balanced signals? AES is nice to have but for me I will use analog much more often. Love the mini-jack output as well - that will be perfect to get two extra channels on my MixPre-6. Specs say headphone/line out. Will you be able to switch it between the two modes? I'd rather not have whatever headphone amplifier is there in the signal path when using this as a line output. Looking forward to it! -Mike
  16. Mobilemike

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    I had a demo of the CS-M1 last week thanks to Gotham and I must say I'm impressed. Its a really great sounding mic. I had it up in several ADR sessions alongside my mainstay, the Sanken CS3e, so I could compare the two easily. It's definitely a bit brighter than the CS3e and has a bit less low end, but I found myself preferring that in quite a few situations because it mixed into the track even more readily. It's not as bright as the 416 or the CS1e (which is a good thing IMO), but has a nice air up top. When I mix in ADR, most often I dump some lows and add some brightness, so the CS-M1 had that already done for me. It definitely has the same sound quality of the CS3e, which is what I was unsure about. It had similar reach too, which is very impressive for what a tiny mic it is. The CS3e has a little more reach, but not much. The CS-M1 also has quite a hot output, needing less gain than the CS3e. I had demoed a Sanken CSR2 a couple of years back thinking that might be a backup to the CS3e and wasn't that impressed - it lacked the richness and fullness of the CS3e and I just didn't think it sounded that great. The CS-M1 has no such issues. I think its definitely a great tool and I plan to pick one up when they are back in stock! -Mike
  17. Mobilemike

    Etymotic or other brand for low-cost earplugs?

    I have these on my keychain for every day, bumming around, never know when you’re going to need it use. https://eargasmearplugs.com/products/eargasm-high-fidelity-earplugs I like them just fine. Protective, fit well, and sound decent. I do have a pair of custom molded earplugs that I’ll take in the rare occasions I’m mixing live shows or something like that, but these are fine for every day use. -Mike
  18. Mobilemike

    Performance Capture Audio

    With a smaller transmitter like the Zaxcom ZMT you could even rig up two lavs on the setup. That would provide safety and redundancy and you could also rig one at a lower gain level and one at higher gain to catch the full dynamic range of the performance. -Mike
  19. Mobilemike

    Zaxcom Nomad 8.01 with Transmitter playback record

    Dang, that is really cool! -Mike
  20. Mobilemike

    3d printed XLR caps, RX mount, and mic cases

    Kudos, Allen! That's cool of you thanks a bunch! -Mike
  21. Mobilemike

    3d printed XLR caps, RX mount, and mic cases

    Very nice! Any chance you would share the 3D printer file? -Mike
  22. Mobilemike

    MKH40 outdoor - rycote baseball vs babyball

    I think it’s more that if the wind is really blowing hard, it could possibly find its way into the mic body and to the capsule through the switch.
  23. Mobilemike

    Need mic recommendations for recording car exhaust

    I used standard xlr cables when I rigged up a car last year. Ran them into the door. The rubber gasket around the door had enough give not to harm the cables. Just tape them down really (really) well on the outside of the car. -Mike
  24. Mobilemike

    Abisonic Microphones

    Cool, just wanted to clarify. And I was genuinely curious too because I don’t know anyone who has actually tried the Røde Soundfield yet. Rode does also make some nice microphones for studio recording: their NT5/NT6’s and NTR ribbons in particular are pretty well regarded in the location music world. I’m hopeful that the NT-SF1 is going to be something really cool. -Mike
  25. Mobilemike

    Abisonic Microphones

    Have you heard and used the Røde? Or are we just making random assumptions? -Mike