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Zynaptiq plug ins


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I'm curious how many here  are using the Zynaptiq plug ins?  Specifically Unveil, Unfilter, and UnChirp.  I've downloaded the trials and really didn't have as much success as I would have liked using these tools.  I'm not blaming the software, its likely me not understanding exactly what I should be doing.  I'm an Isotope 6 user and I'm fairly good at figuring things out.  I searched and found an early thread with Jay Rose and one of the co founders of Zynaptiq which was useful.  Jay's first reaction was about the same as mine I think.  If anyone here has experience with these three plugins could you tell me how you learned them and if they're working well in your work flow.

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3 minutes ago, Philip Perkins said:

I have Unveil.  It works on some things and not others, and is not the only game in town.  I will say that I don't like their GUI at all....


Thanks Philip,

I think its good to have options.  I've had the most success with Acon Digitals Deverberate.  I haven't done so well with Izotope's De-reverb unless its just slight room reflections.  I'm looking on the Zynaptiq website and I can't seem to find any manuals unless you only get them when you download the plug ins.  I wish Zynaptiq had some video tutorials showing exactly how these plug ins work so we can get the most out of them.  I'd be very likely to purchase if I could get better than just marginal results.

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I like Unveil and Unfilter.

As Philip, I think the user interface is not very straightforward.

I didnt know about Acon's offering, will check it out.



I tweak mostly Focus, Refract and Adaptation.

Focus and Refract will control how much overall reverb you remove.

Adaptation needs to match the lenght of the reverb you are trying to remove.

That's where the GUI sucks as there is no clue on how long or short we can go (Im guessing the starting point is around 0.6s decay time).

Tendency to sound a bit thin.




Easy and fast to use plug-in when you have unnatural sounding clips.

Tendency to sound edgy and slightly harsh. On dialog it will try to bring the bass back, you have to filter the low end.


I like them both.

They are pricey!


My 0.02$





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I also wish makers of plug-ins would: A: focus less on sexy-spacey GUIs that take up way too much screen space, B: not force me to down load 50 of their other plugins plus their shell to get the one that interests me, C : name parameters something that reflects their function and not some abstract engineering concept or marketing-speak.

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I had early experience with the Zynaptiq plugs when they were doing things that nobody else was coming near. I also had some long conversations with the developer.


Yes, the UI was confusing... and a lot of the controls had no correspondence with what was on other plugs or hardware. (Everybody can understand Q on any brand of equalizer, or Threshold on any brand of compressor. But the Zynaptiq knobs were trying to do things that were brand new.) At least, they quickly added rollover hints to the knobs. 


I also didn't like the graphics of the UI, which made things worse. But I eventually had a working sense of what each knob did, and was able to use the plugs quickly and effectively. And now, of course, some of those functions are also in the Rx package, which gives us an alternative. But think back on how you had to learn to deal with the RX spectrogram interface, when it first appeared...



By the way, please discount one of the things I wrote about Zynaptiq when it first appeared. The developer had told me they used AI principles, which I misinterpreted to mean the plugs used AI. They didn't, and were fully algorithmic. Proper AI wouldn't even be practical in most host-based DAWs ten years ago. Now that we're seeing true neural networks in some plug-ins, I understand the difference. 


(My article on how artificial intelligence actually works in the iZotope and Audionamix plugins, in last winter's CAS Quarterly.)

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I found Acon to be a better deverberator. RX's is awful.


I have found several uses for Unchirp and Unfilter in really bad sounding things. Or, interviews that were conducted over Skype or some dumb thing. And once, on the deck of a freighter out on the ocean. After dealing with the wind, I need a little something to get the voice to cut. I am glad to have them, but I don't use them that often. I find that I turn a dial slowly and it starts to sound better ... better... then BAM! super ringy and over processed.

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