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  1. If the cameras are to have an esoteric timecode input the manufacturers should at least provide the proper cable so we don't have to buy it or stress about ours working.
  2. Sounds like a bad ground. Something loose could certainly cause a noise like this.
  3. Piggy backing on the winter apparel scenario coming up in the colder climates. Fleece makes a really good sounding wind barrier. I did a skiing shoot years ago and I put the lav in the neck gators both talent were wearing. Twenty mile an hour winds and downhill skiing. What could go wrong? You have to test to make sure you're not muffling the mic, but if you do it right its pretty transparent. BB
  4. If it is a real fire I'd suggest using lavs in addition to the boom. From experience the pops and crackling from a real wood fire can be very hard to minimize and properly placed lavs with give you a little more isolation. Bernie
  5. Such smart people we have in this forum!
  6. Interesting that the noise floor is an issue being that the specs are almost identical between the the MK4 and the MK41. I don't quite understand the MixAssist reference. Is it the combination of the MK4 and the Cut 1 that increases the noise floor? Or is the wider pattern picking up something environmentally that the MK41 isn't? Just got me curious as I might want to add that capsule someday. Trey, that interview sounds really great!
  7. Along the same lines. Local TV news depiction. Newsrooms full of people, Fisher boom, mics clipped on wrong etc., etc.
  8. Jerry does great work!
  9. Glad to help! If you get stuck DM me.
  10. Hi Michael! Take another listen I just improved it. So sorry for the passing of your mentor/friend at NBC! BB Thomas, Did you noise reduce this audio, or was it this clean to begin with? The rustle really wasn't that bad. More in between the words. A good fill edit might have been able to help as an alternative. What version of RX are you working with?
  11. I just downloaded your files and will take a listen and an attempt to see if they can be fixed. Really not bad. Here are the fixed files. DeRustle got the rustle, spectral repair, got the low end thump that was more apparent after the rustle was gone, and declick for the click in the second file. RX6 advanced. I just redid the first clip. There was a little rustle left. I used a more extreme setting for derustle and selected more of the phrase and it also took care of the low end thump. TEVIN_366_Nothing_extracted_CU.wav TEVIN_366_Fire Extracted_CU.wav
  12. You're welcome Javier! I do that type of clean up as a service in my home studio when I'm not doing location sound or sports A2. I saw this as a learning challenge as I've not encountered that type of noise before. If production wants to clean that up let me know and we can chat about it off line.
  13. I used a different color option and zoomed in further for the pulse close up so they're easier to see.
  14. As Eric said, your wireless must be picking up something that is specific to the locations you were in. It could be environmental or electronic or a combination of both. It's very obvious on the longer piece you posted. Looking at it in a spectrogram in RX 6, its a regular pulses that are in most of the vocal range. Not very loud but certainly noticeable. I did a quick test with the declick module in RX and it was able to get the pulses out without much damage to the voices. I did screen shots so you can see what the pulses look like before and after declicking. H
  15. Check with post to see if they feel comfortable painting out the boom in the wide shots so you can get closer coverage. There's a few articles and demos on line that have described the process.
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