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Rycote Super Blimp NTG

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What are field tested opinions of the Rycote Suoer Blimp NTG. It is cheaper the the Rode Blimp which is surprising for a Rycote product, and it is considerably cheaper than any other Rycote Blimp. Seems to have everything the other Rycote blimps have such as RF shielded cable, lyre mounts, changeable pistol grip/boompole mount etc. Wondering what the catch is...

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I posted for the second video, but I added the first one for good measures. 


It seems to me the NTG will be fine for most uses. I have other blimps as well, so I need something small and light as a backup option (I prefer my backups to be cheaper than my A kit), so maybe the NTG is a good option for you and me as well. I use 416 and the 600 usually, so I hope the NTG is compatible, I guess that is the case, as Rode and Sennheiser have similar sizes. Maybe the Perfect for 416 is even better for my case, but I am afraid it won't fit a 600 and it is more expensive.



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seems to me longer than the Rycote Windshield Kit 416.


Its designed to fit all Rode mics and I think the NTG - 2 with battery or ntg 4+ is longer than an 416. 


Probably you can't balance it as good as the boom mount is on a fixed position. But the price difference is significant.


60 grams heavier than 416 Blimp. 

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Seems like a good compromise (for the money) between the usual WS4 and the For 416 kit, and the much cheaper Rode.


Rycote WS4 700gr                    440mm 

Rycote 416   500gr 180mm  x   370mm  x   104mm

Rycote NTG 560gr  150mm x    410mm x   100mm

Rode            550gr  285mmH x 490mmW x 125mmD

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Just a little update.


The box in the outside says 


"Suitable for following models:

Rode NTG1, NTG2, NTG3, NTG4+

DPA 4017B





My guess is that Rycote is right, this is suitable for the aforementioned mics!


The choice of colors make it a bit more desirable in style, it does seem like a cheaper version of a proper windshield, and I do not think it does such a good job, but for the price, and most jobs, I believe it is sufficient. I enjoy and like it more than the Rode one, no question about it, but it isn't cheaper than the Rode (here in Europe at least), but then, it is almost half price of the other Rycotes. 


I tried to fit my Audix, its diameter is 21mm and it seemed like it could open permanently the Lyres (which again, seem like a cheaper version from harder plastic than the original ones), but it could be possible to fit it there (there are some options of where to put the lyres, but just a few) if a back pod was added at the front, and maybe add the windjammer from the WS10, or something, but that takes a lot of extras (the pod only is something around 50-55euros).


My interest lies to the fact that the Sanken CS-M1 has the same length as the Audix, but it is 19mm in diameter (so, fits exactly and with no violence the Super shield's Lyres), so maybe a mod of this design is appropriate for the budget conscious (the Cosi and the WS10 cost around 550euros, with the Cosi having many advantages, but one significant disadvantage, can't take the fur out, or anything at all, for when going inside). 


In general, I am happy with my purchase, it is going to be my backup/B/lower budgeted jobs blimp and it certainly does the job, while it is a bit smaller (both in diameter and length) than my Sennheiser one, so it could fit easily my K-Tek BLT35 bag for those endeavors that need a light setup!

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