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  1. whaaat? they will be around the price of an sync e - like 249€ crazy so now wait till march
  2. Ah its different. If you turn on Timecode in on Aux - pre roll disappears in the rec menu. So no Timecode with preroll.
  3. Does mixpre 3 Or mixpre 6 now Support copy to usb thumbdrive? Cant find it. Also soundreport still only on mixpre10? one Thing I found on v3.02: Rec preroll is not availible in Advanced mode. You Need to Go to custom mode and set everything to advanced. Now you have it availible in the record menu.
  4. The Sound Devices Card is on the market for 1.5 Years now. It gets to the time when I had my issues with other brands. Anybody heard of a media slow with them? Anybody needed to use their 5 Year Warranty? As I record always Poly.wav from my understanding its not different from recording a video stream. As a quick solution I bought 64GB Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB. And most probably I will order a Sam32Gb SD too. But I am still so curious....
  5. I love to hear from others about it - especially long term experience. My problems occured only on poly multitrack recordings 6 - 10 tracks. If I get Tom correct a full sector erase is helpful. My testing now was as follow: 1) full sector format on the computer 2) quick format in SD 664 recorder 3) 4h - 14 Track recording till full 4) quick format in Recorder 5) 1h - 14 tracks 6) quick format in recorder 7) 1h - 14 Tracks full sector format on the computer 9) full write card test with checksum on computer with h2testw Previously I retired the cards that got media slow. But this time I have the feeling that the full format could do the job.
  6. I really do not like to get this message when recording a board with 3 high profile CEO's... Never I had problems with approved Sandisk CF Cards with my 664. But SD cards seem to be more problematic. First I bought transcends which were removed from the list. Then I had SanDisk Extreme plus 32GB. After 1-2 years it failed during recording a concert. I found out it was 90MB - but the approved is only the 80MB Version of it. So I orderd in the UK the Delkin Devices 633x 32GB SD card which worked fine for about 1 Year. Till yesterday. I did not find recent discussions about SD cards (besides Sound Devices own Sam32sd) but remembered some very in detail posts from Tom Duffy like. My question: Is there a way to format SD cards to improve their write speeds? Like in Windows full format (not the quick format) that takes about 5 minutes? Do all SD cards tend to fail after 1-2 years? Or can I trust cards after the full sector erase? I heard that from CFast cards that C300MK2 uses. They need to be formated from time to time in the computer to maintain their speed for 4k. The Delkin I did full sector format that way now records 14 Tracks for 3h without issues. Or the other way round: is there a software that does check if the write speed is consistent on a card and not only doing average write speed. And is there a way to check for bad sectors on SD cards? If every card slows down over time it makes no sense to buy the Sound Devices Sam32GB but to invest in time to properly format SD cards. Until now I always formated in the recorder.
  7. While I love DPA 4061 sound wise I was disappointed when I had a crack in the insulation about 3cm long. The lav was only a few months old, and very little use but dpa refused to replace the cable. They could not understand how that could have happened. Its like the insulation is split. Taped it and still use it since over a year now.
  8. 4017c vs 4017b sounds definetly different no matter the switches. I do like 4017c more but this little and light mic isn't easy for the suspension. Best for me is Rycote Inv-lite 19. The supplied Fluffy does really need time to get on so a quick change into a basket is not easy. And I have no basket yet I am happy with. I do have the DPA Basket made by Rycote but the Inv-lite suspension is better. I wonder if there is a outdoor basket for the minicmit that could be easily stripped down to use indoors.
  9. Yes looks like on Papier. Btw. I do Not like the rode Blimp for Balance. I am Pretty sure its heavier than a WS4. Maybe rycote does measure different than Rode. All Weight With fur?
  10. seems to me longer than the Rycote Windshield Kit 416. Its designed to fit all Rode mics and I think the NTG - 2 with battery or ntg 4+ is longer than an 416. Probably you can't balance it as good as the boom mount is on a fixed position. But the price difference is significant. 60 grams heavier than 416 Blimp.
  11. well now google finds it... I was here http://mymic.rycote.com/products/shock-mounts-suspension/invision-broadcast-film/ and even the site search did not find it with the article number - however... I think its cause Javascript was turned off on my end and I was directed to an alternative site. Good to know it fits in an standard basket - the Rycote/DPA one is a standard 10cm wide. The cyclone is just so damn ugly when the basket is away with this UFO on top and the shadow profile is bigger than a standard one. I like the quick magnet design and floating basket though.
  12. Very intresting to hear Mike. Maybe there is a problem with my specific one. Did anybody had a hands on with the new lite Softie Kit? Video Rycote Softie lite
  13. I just bought an DPA 4017c with the Rycote basket DPA sells it with. I was quite surprised how bad the green lyre (72shore) were when mounted behind the foam. When I remove the foam and put the lyre more to the front of the mic on the holes it is better. But if I put the 4017c in my Sennheiser Blimp MZS 20-1 with the older rubber mounts its the best. But its not the idea to have a small light mic and have a big basket. As I do mostly one man band documentary I have to switch from basket to foam often and quick. What I heard is that the weak part of the Cinela System. So does this INV-Lite 19 fit in the basket or is it too wide? Is there a Cinela Osix that works with 4017c and fits in an Rycote Basket? btw: 10 month ago it was announced here. As of today I can't find the product on rycote webpage.
  14. Check Files with waveagent if Metadata eg Date and erverything Is ok. I had in an earlier Firmware wrong Dates appear and Descend with 64gb sdxc cards but not with 32gb Sdhc. Should be sorted though. Too bad That These cards in Germany are different letters/ Model number.
  15. In some Rycote baskets I got some coloration with CMIT. And I feel it gets dull easier than others (esp. Sennheisers) with the windcover on. So I use the high gain in the basket. This is why I would not recommend the Mini CMIT. But maybe Cinela hasn't that problem but I would check on that. I am also thinking about buying 4017b but no real world experience yet. did you know these six comparison videos - I think they are great. on street, in basement, in toilet etc https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb9LUd_2GXRUJHOQRuOiARw Files for download http://filmindustrypro.com/blog/mictest/ lots of low end on DPA and CMIT - not so on 8060
  16. There was something with formatting an sd card three times right in a row. That did something in the 552 mixer but I can't remember... but critical cards may format ok the first time but refuse second or third time.
  17. to conclude: even the 64GB SD Card SanDisk Extreme pro did change. It now is UHS 3 - but UHS 1 is on list. chrismedr is right. So summary: No SanDisk SD card right now common availible in germany is on the approved media list. Maybe some old stock left somewhere hidden... BTW: Years ago I have bought Transcend SD cards that were earlier on the list - but had problems with it. They got removed from the list. Still work fine in my Digicam though. I will not buy media that is not approved... But I would like Sound Devices to approve a actual SD card that is worldwide easily availible.
  18. I have SanDisk Extreme Plus 32GB 90MB. One worked very well for quite some time. Another one I got new makes problems in different Sound Devices machines...
  19. 90 is Not 80 so I asked Sound devices about this: answer was basically buy their Own cards. There are no approved san Disk SD cards right now to buy as they have all changed except the 64gb extreme pro 95mb. all other tested sandisk cards have 80mb and all cards they sell now have 90. i am a Bit pissed to pay 82€ for Sam32SD when the Former approved San Disk 32gb extreme plus 90 sells for 28€.
  20. I have a cable squeezed in the plastic Box that Looks different. Its more like one Point and its obvious physical cause. Here it opens in line with no physical Point. More like somebody had a very sharp knife. Even the metal shield looked untouched when i first saw it. Only thing done was cable wrapped around tx. Strange it happend two times in a row. My guess was a quality Problem with the insulation. But dpa said they don't Know....
  21. Has anyone an idea why the insulation opens like in the picture? No special circumstances like heat or cold or physical stress. Just wrapped the cable around tx. Mic very littly used and not old. I Let it repair at pro Audio store but after one day use same again. DPA says they have no idea. I have 5 more (older) DPA 4060 with not such a problem. In fact in 20 years I never had a lav fail like that.
  22. @ZoomOfficial Will there be Track naming metadata in the near Future?
  23. thanx for that labor day information. so I can relax till september :-)
  24. noise floor at -127dBu sounds good (664 is -126dBu // 744t specs 130dBu) max Gain 75dB (664 is 93dB // 744t is 70dB) A/D Dynamic Range 120dB??? (664 is 114 dBa // 744t is 114 dBa) at the end it depens how it sounds, how reliable it will be in light rain, how metadata works, how limiters... . the menu looks a lot like Sound Devices 6series new video from Zoom:
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