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Zaxcom TRXLT3 discontinued :-(

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I just learned that the TRXLA3 (The single AA version of Zaxcoms "normal" transmitters) is discontinued.


Am i the only one who for maybe no particular reason feels uncomfortable when thinking of switching or adding np50 batterys to the arsenal?


I am thinking of getting an ZMT3 phantom though...



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I have been all zmt since they were born knock on wood the trx's as backups have never been touched. Am i crazy though thinking ultimate lithiums used to get 6hrs in trx2 n trx3's? Just over 4 hrs on zmt's but it has never been an issue thus far. 


Adding the np's has not been an issue for me i have different brands i have found that i rotate through and keep multiples on hand

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12 hours ago, Glen Deakin said:

Old news. (...)

I just learned it when checking on my dealers website... Sorry to be late.


What chargers do you use?

Sound guys solutions one look nice. Is there a "smart" charger? Or is it not necessary with these?

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