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ZoomF8n - Fader Controls not being recorded

Thomas Farmer

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Hey guys, if this is the wrong place then let me know. I saw that there was a Zoom F8N discussion but wanted to be more specific here.


On the Zoom F8N, I set my trim to my desired amount, then use the knob on my tracks for Fading the levels. It all works and sounds fine while I am recording the levels. But once I playback, it only plays the file at my set trim level. None of the fader controls were recorded even though I could hear them while recording. I have tried this in all three recording modes (Trim, Fader, and Mixer) and they all result in the same outcome. I took the SD cards out and played them back in my computer and the issue is still there. It seems like it only records the Pre-Fade audio files instead of the Post-Fade files with my fader levels. This happens on all recorder settings and each input.


If there is anything I am doing wrong then please let me know. I am incredibly open to advice and questions, just trying to figure it out. I have experience on other Sound Devices recorders and I am somewhat new to the Zoom F8N recorders. Part of me feels like there is something obvious that I am missing.



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