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Fred Salles

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anyone tried these for file backup and preview on mobile phone or tablet?



They are designed for photo and video professionals in mind but they told me their products allow any type of file backup, and wav remote playback via app on a mobile.

Although listening to iso tracks of a polyfile is not possible for now, the lady who responded was very interested to explore the idea.



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I haven't used the gnarbox but found out the hard way a WD my passport pro doesn't work in my timezone (+13GMT).

Hard to belief but it's a known issue to do with the date formatting and daylight savings time. 

I'd be very keen on the gnarbox if it was able to import UDF (sonosax R4+) , I've worked with a few Cam ops that had a similar device but they wouldn't 'see' my cards. As someone who goes off grid all the time nature recording this would be perfect. I usually just end up taking multiple cards with me rather then a laptop. 

Thanks Fred, I'll get in contact with them!


Well that was quick, here's the reply I received from gnarbox:


"GNARBOX 2.0 SSD does support the UDF format. We have a bunch of RED camera users that needed this support for their UDF formatted mini-mags. Let me know if you have any other questions, I'm here to help!"



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