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    Sound Recordist for more than 20 years, with a strong taste in documentaries.
    Based in Marseille - France
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  1. Fred Salles


    Yes they were also very responsive.. I really like the fact that you can check the files remotely from an Ipad or phone. Sounds like an investment to think about for me.
  2. Thanks Jim. You were right, although the cable is in very good condition, the head has a crack! I wonder if it is age (it is older than 15 years old) or if comes from a rough use by the last person I lent it to -whom I do not recall 🙂 So water is not an option for this one...
  3. Fred Salles


    Hi, anyone tried these for file backup and preview on mobile phone or tablet? https://eu.gnarbox.com/ They are designed for photo and video professionals in mind but they told me their products allow any type of file backup, and wav remote playback via app on a mobile. Although listening to iso tracks of a polyfile is not possible for now, the lady who responded was very interested to explore the idea.
  4. Cinela obviously (I am french 😉 ) Seriously, the guys behind it are so passionate about what they do it is sometimes embarrassing. I have seem the main engineer run back to his workshop from the renting gear company premises near by to make final changes on a prototype for a special rent. They constantly improve their product following our discussions and feedback. Same as above, no way I can use any other suspension than the Osix 2 for indoor boom anymore. I'd add that the Osix have a longer lifetime than their Piano series (outdoor windjammer) that are mindblowingly efficient but tend to be fragile.
  5. Hi, It seems as of this week the Sound devices CL-12 is discontinued... Why is that so?
  6. Hi everyone, pulling out this topic as it turns out my next feature shoot will include an actor with dialogue while partly immersed in the sea (not the head though but waves might occurs). I read this topic looking for the right lav to use. I have an old Countryman EMW ISOMAX, that I used decades ago for TV work and it has been sleeping since. Do you think it could have the same "waterproof" properties as the current EMW claimed on Countryman website?
  7. Fred Salles


    Hi, Anyone to report on the actual sound of the new preamps of the Scorpio? I was very disappointed by the sound of the 688, that I found harsh and bland compared to those of the 7 series. I am interested in subjective reports of course 🙂
  8. Additionally, for those looking for the quite rare power connector to use for this blackmagic, here are the details: It is a Weipu SF610/S2_ http://www.weipuconnector.com/Product_show_41.htm Never heard of that brand before. It feels like good quality.
  9. Hey, I just want to make sure that the pin wiring of their TA3 audio in is standard? (1ground, 2 hot, 3 cold) I am making the cable for a friend but don't have the camera to test it. No details on the cam user manual of course... Thanks anyone who has tried own cable for the confirmation.
  10. I also cleaned connectors with deoxit, with great hope... no change
  11. Hello, I have a problem with one of a set of 2 Lectrosonics SMDB transmitters: the antenna seems to have a sensitivity problem. As soon as something touches it (finger, cable, bag...) it releases a wave like kind of noise in the signal otherwise clean. The other one smdb does not have this problem. if the transmitter is put still on a table the signal is clean, even when approaching the hand. Receiver is a dual, SRA5P. What I did so far: -scanned and changed freqs -swaped freq between the 2 smdb -swaped antennas -tried different mike capsules (don't know their wiring though but all worked) -changed batteries none of the above changed the situation. Holding the base of the antenna near the connector and touching the end of the antenna still does the same noise but less (maybe a faulty connection inside the base plate connector ?) Any other idea? Thanks Fred
  12. Thanks everyone, I am glad you confirmed my intuition. I was kind of worry that the situation, already not so great for sound department worldwide, got out of hand in US... It must definitely be a very low budget film: Ironfilm: the director is the camera person and dop... so if I understood correctly camera crew is director+1st assistant, and there must be a DIT person, plus one gaffer hopefully. When I mentionned having a third person in sound crew as a trainee, the production manager told me it would be difficult for him to convinced them to have a sound crew bigger than the camera crew :-)) Chris: it is still not cool but it might be financially cheaper for them as the main location is out of town so they have to accommodate the whole crew anyway. So rates + accomodation+catering for me and boom op might sum up to more than bringing one person. Maybe. I also guess the person will bring strict minimum gear to lower luggage overweight or extra charge, and will probably charge less than what I was asking for gear, or maybe wont charge at all if they are friends. Anyway, the script is good quality so who knows? I wish them all the best.
  13. Hello everyone, I just lost a job on an independent american feature film to be shot here in France because american producers figured out it will be cheaper to bring over a sound recordist from LA that agrees to work alone, rather than have a french team of sound recordist and boom operator. According to french production manager, they said it is common practice nowadays in the States on indies. French prod&prod manager would not compromise on this and refused to hire a single one team sound person, thanks god (they would not find any anyway appart from someone just out of school, maybe). Now, I do a lot of documentaries so I am used to do sound alone, and I even once did it on a fiction feature of friends self produced prod some times ago, and I promised myself never again 🙂 For me it means compromising way too much on quality of the work, and the work of post production. I read the script and schedule: loads of dialogues, and 20 days shoot where they certainly dont plan on waiting for sound naming files, writing sound report nor recording wilds... So the question is what is the situation over there? is it really becoming or going to become common practice in the States to reduce the sound crew down to a single person?
  14. Fred Salles


    Don't know if I should create a new post for this but I am having my first issue with Wingman and the 688. Renaming 688 files from the take list on wingman, on the iPad, would only rename the files on the SD card!! The files of the CF card would not change. Had a few minutes of fear on day one when not finding a file I was sure to have recorded and renamed. it was on the Sd but on the CF the old name remained. It is a big issue for me as I wanted to handle one of the card and keep one for my own backup. But since at the end of the day they don't have the same files name, although same content, it is not cool.for peace of mind. so I am back to renaming via the 688 menu... besides I do not understand since one can't choose which card is affected by the renaming on wingman why would not it be on both. Mirroring should be the rule in that case imho. Am I doing something wrong? Anyone experiencing that? Shoot is pretty hectic I don.t have time to search around with it ;-) Thanks a lot Fred
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