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  1. If it is the QT it should be pretty recent isnt it? That is strange. How old is it? You are the first reporting having an issue with the new QT (quarter turn) locking system. It is a clever mechanical system and no longer a thread/screwing locking system so they claim it does not get dirty easily. They are pretty straight forward to dismantle. On the most recent you need to first slightly loosen the little screw of the tip locking collar. I think the first batches of the QT series booms do not have this screw. It allows the collar to stay in place whenever you take out the
  2. Oh and I have to mention that since last year VDB is offering a renovating service on all their boom for a mere 130€ excl tax&shipping, changing the locking systems with the new quarter turn ones. I had it done on my oldest L size boom (oldest is 20+ years 😉PMC) and was able to finally try it out on an documentary shoot last week and was very please with it and impressed by the rejuvenating job they have done. The new locking system works smoothly and they say it does not get blocked nor damaged much anymore as it is no longer thread / screw based. If your ever get a chance I rec
  3. Ok thanks to the link Jason gave I was able to see the difference between wax paper and parchment paper. "Wax paper is made by applying a coating of wax to a thin paper sheet, which makes it easy to remove foods from the paper with ease. Parchment paper has a natural non-stick coating produced through a special “parchmentizing” process. The way they’re made means that both are microwave safe, but only parchment paper is oven safe (up to 425F)." So we do have and use a lot of parchment paper here in France, mostly for oven cooking, but we do not have wax paper afaik. Bon appétit
  4. Hi, PMC could you show us what your are calling wax paper please? Cultural gap between USA and France makes it that I have no idea what it really refers to and I am very curious 😌 is it the paper that is used to cook pie or tart for instance?
  5. My pleasure, thanks to you. Here are the rare pics I have of the shoot in 1995 of Portrait Chinois (I made the mistake in my previous post, shoot was 95, release 96). This was during an endless night shoot. You cannot see Jean-Pierre's Nagra because the bag is closed, during a light set up pause for us, but it was the 4S with an Elison mixer for the radio mikes. On the other photo you can see that Jean-Pierre always was standing during the takes. Boom operator was Denis Martin. I think with an MKH60.
  6. Sound cart used for tanzanian feature film Vuta N'Kuvute. Gear: preamp= SQN 4s - recorder= Sound Devices 688+SL6+CL12 - SL6 hosts 3x Wysicom MCR42 - power manager= DCA Mentor
  7. Fred Salles

    NAGRA 4.2 Replacing preamps

    Here are some tips for changing or replacing the preamp modules on the NAGRA 4.2. On the photo you see the module on the right is the standard XoYo, with nagra input transformer, for dynamic mike 200ohms (great with a MD21), on the left (mike 1) is the QPAUT, the preamp with phantom and Tpower.
  8. The inside of the beast. The preamps modules are located on the bottom left. I marked them by green number 1 & 2. Number 2, the Xoyo is already out as there are no difficulty. Just pull it out of the socket, once the screw at the bottom has been removed (you can see the XoYo modules in a box up there.)
  9. (here I already took the screw out...)
  10. I don't think that is creating several markers on a single take. I guess it is just using the "circle take" metadata, which is the only metadata you can add on the fly to mark a take as good one afaik. On the sound devices 6 series i used wingman app and press @ for marking a take. On the 7 series it was done in the FILE: view take list menu (you could even set it as bad take). If you really need to mark during takes I guess you have to used some of the continuity orientated app working with TC and wifi, like the one by Ambient (but you need to use their Lockit): http://lockitnetwork.com/
  11. I can actually add to your original post request for stories related to the Nagra and the films made with Nagra recorders. Back when I was a sound trainee in the 90s my mentor was Jean-Pierre Ruh, a great french sound recordist, who left us in 2006. His career spanned from 1968 till the end of the 90s and even up to 2004. See the list on IMDB. Of course a lot of the features he made sound for were french productions, many are masterpieces, but he worked also for international directors like Roman Polanski (The tenant, Tess, Frantic, Pirates...), Wajda, Ferreri, Antonioni, and S
  12. Sorry. Maybe let me rephrase then: among all the NAGRA accessories you collected, is there one that is meant to provide 48v phantom power via the ACC connector?
  13. Hello M. Jbond, I have an interesting question for you. I own a Nagra 4.2 from 1975 that I bought second hand some 10 years ago. Initially it was installed with 2 XoYo mike preamps. I had it serviced by Francis Guerra from Nagra France and had a QPAUT put in place of the Xoyo on ch1 (mike preamp with +48v&12v phantom +12T that was made I think from 1978). The Nagra came back working perfectly with the specs up to expectation. There was something odd I noticed only few years later, the 48v phantom power was sent to both inputs!! It should only be sent to mike input 1. M. Guerra did not
  14. If the main goal is the producers to be able to make their own mix, then there is an efficient solution for Yamaha digital consoles: Airfader (server edition). It does not fully comply to your request as you will still need the use of separate headphone amp, but the clients will be able to do their own mix on their portable device. https://www.airfader.com/ You have to own or rent one of the compatible Yamaha mixer desk consoles, but I use it with my 01V96i and a laptop+wifi router. Basically it allows to remotely control the mixer desk and you can assign a specified auth
  15. Yes I hear that, and that is a selling point for them and for us to buy a new recorder, but this point drops down to zero if one has to buy every single new feature they come up with as "plug-in". I mean I am dreaming of buying the Scorpio, but the idea that what they claim to be "a potential in terms of future capabilities" actually means a potential for even more costs does make me bitter somehow rather than cheer me up.
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