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17 hours ago, tourtelot said:

"Easy to disinfect."  OMG! April Fools Day is loooong gone.




What's your point? The Covid-19 global pandemic is not an April Fool's joke. Are you aware that discussions in our sound community have  been happening before April 1 and will be ongoing well after we finally go back to work  ---  it is undeniable that many things are likely to change with our standard procedures and practices regarding the use of body worn wireless transmitters and lavaliers. Most all of the manufacturers have been testing their products, working with various cleaning solutions and yes, disinfectants, and sharing their findings with the production sound community. I, personally, have had discussions with Lectrosonics, Zaxcom, Sennhesier, DPA and others, and all of the companies have been very helpful in addressing these pressing issues. I believe Lectrosonics is at this very time testing most all of their transmitters to determine what the consequences may be of using various cleaning and disinfecting methods (affects on screens, buttons, body, etc.). Sennheiser, already with significant experience in theater (where transmitters and mics probably routinely get the most abuse) has published some guidelines for production sound mixers. Zaxcom is uniquely positioned with the ZMT-X3 to address many of these concerns as we contemplate what our practices and procedures will be when the work starts up again. The construction and choice of materials for the ZMT-X3 have been tested just as the other products from other companies have been tested. Additionally, the long battery run times and the comprehensive remote control functions, make it a good choice.


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