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Deity Connect causes interference in other wireless systems

Matteo Best

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I was running a Deity connect system with one TX next to a rode link when I noticed constant dropouts (every 1-2 seconds) in the rode link system. It got better when I moved the receivers about a meter apart, but I still got the occasional dropout on the rode link, the deity system worked great tho. Thankfully I didn't have to use them together in a bag. I also got interference with a stationary Sennheiser wireless system with a handmic, which runs at 823 MHz. They were all plugged into a small soundcraft analog console. When I used the deity system with a zoom F4 today, I even got interference on a input with a condenser mic with a cable connected. Again, when I moved the Deity receiver even a half a meter away, or just turned it 45°, the interference vanished. But again, this would be probably be a problem in a sound bag.




I guess my question is, is this normal and is there anything that I can do about it? The deity system works great but seems to cause a lot of interference in other systems.




Kind Regards,



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Hi Matteo, try lowering the transmission power in the RX, mind you, this is JUST the transmission power for the remote control functionality (like changing gain, recording on/off if you use a HD-TX etc), which most likely you can turn all the way down to 10mw. 

That said, certain microphones are unfortunately not immune to RF, as wel as proper shielded cables are a must. 
Since the Connect system is "bidirectional by design", the Duo-RX is a transmitter as well, so you have to take that into account.


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11 hours ago, Matteo Best said:

next to a rode link when I noticed constant dropouts (every 1-2 seconds) in the rode link system.

Be aware that the RodeLink is quite a bit inferior to the Deity, much less powerful, weaker design of the receiver, etc
Not too surprised when a RodeLink struggles!

And yes, Vincent likely nailed a workaround. As the receivers are also transmitters, and you don't want a receiver to be close to a transmitter, thus turning down the power on the Duo-RX could help. 

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I wouldn't recommend at all to mix different digital wireless systems on ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medic) bands.


Each one of them may implement completely different spectrum arbitration/management features. And if I recall

well, the Deity protocol might be somewhat of a bully, at least nudging (ahem!) WiFi networks to steer clear.




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Besides the differences in power-transmission....Don't most 2.4 GHz systems float among a couple channels "Auto-Frequency Management"? 

Chances are they are constantly scanning, finding each other, and re-scanning, re-finding each other, and re-scanning.... Like two scared cats circling a house in the night. Not to mention all of the other wifi sources and 2.4GHz users on set. Therefore, Unless you can lock a channel permanently to your transmitter in a manual mode. I suggest staying away from using multiple manufactures. 


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