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A Couple of Cart Projects

Paul F

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Here's a couple of cart projects that may give you some ideas for your cart.


I made a small folding table top for the top of the cart. It's a handy little space to put things while working on something or making adjustments. It sets up and folds away quickly. The table is made from some thin hardwood stock that is available online. The two pieces are held together by gluing sturdy fabric (duck cloth) on the back side. The supports are 3/4" aluminum stock that is bent around the antenna posts. Everything folds away when not in use.


I like to drink coffee all day from a mug. These coffee cup holders from T-Nutz work well for mugs or tall drink holders. The nice feature they have is that they slip on/off, which can be handy for narrow doorways. I added two hooks to the bottom of each cup holder. They are made from 3/4" aluminum stock. They have a spacer on the bottom which allows them to be folded under the cup holders with the headphones still in place when passing through doorways.







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You've hit on the weak point of the table. I pondered that point for a long time before making the table and never came up with a solution I like. I thought I would use it a while and see if anything clicks. I like your velcro suggestion a lot.  It works, but there's no way it is going to stay there if you move the cart. I never intended that it would. Even standing still, if someone bumps into it, there it goes.


I've also thought about putting a raised edge on the back side to keep things from rolling off (my cart has a slight backwards lean on purpose),  but I've resisted that because it won't fold up as small as I want.  But you're response has just inspired me with a solution.


Yes, I made the base. You can't really see it, but it's two separate boxes. The front box acts as a brace to make the cart stable since I am only using 25mm t-slot. The rear box is a shallow box  to support  a folding chair and umbrella that get strapped to the back of the cart.


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