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  1. Push the release lever and push the whole assembly down in the opposite direction of the latch while at the same time pulling out. I've had a Neutrik get stuck on the Switchcraft XLR of my boom. That procedure worked.
  2. I hooked up three configurations and measured the output with a spectrum analyzer. Using an MKH 416 connected to an SKP 500 here are the results: SKP 500 directly connected to the MKH 416, -51db SKP 500 connected to a short stub (cable included with Rode windshield), -44db SKP 500 connected to a boom's internal cable at about 48" length (graphite boom), -46db Best results then is the short stub. I didn't think of trying the internal cable stretched out.
  3. Dan Brockett has done quite a bit of work with on-person mic/recorders and has a high regard for them. You probably have seen his posts on other forums about this. He did a documentary with them. He'd be worth contacting to find out what works and what doesn't.
  4. Here are some things to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cCsHjFVlVc&t=1086s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cCsHjFVlVc&t=1086shttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSisEDfDKQc2s6sGZsQyMTQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqtCwfDs0b8xhEl6WhwhmqA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDBV1_28Q_NKF2SxnLO-3jg https://www.youtube.com/c/LearnLightAndSoundSessions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXSJOA9etns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZIBOUGLdzU&list=PLZXQp_XoNBBOaXB0uu8svbtxVCBw7S1zt
  5. "But honestly, i don't get this negativity, ". It's a combination of respect and old boys club. If you can't respect this audience, they they won't respect you. This forum has the most seasoned professionals that work on the top mega-budget Hollywood films. If you ask a question here, you are talking to the best of the best. They aren't going to cotton to a nonsensical post. If you don't have the respect to post a well formated post, then they don't have time for you. Given your questions, as said, you should look for another forum. This is not the place for you..... yet. You need a forum that is more accepting to beginners. Get some experience, learn about equipment, have some fun, and try again when you have some more seasoned questions. 1- I am thinking to buy Zoom H8 for field recordings for my short films. I wondered if that is a good idea considering the price. Zoom makes good products. The H8 is a goofy sort of format. Cumbersome at best the way it is configured. It's not a good choice for film making. An F4 or F8 would be better. But if you can deal with the odd configuration, the H8 is a good start. 2- Do i really need a ''shotgun'' microphone with ZH8 in order to record dialogue in film? It seems they work much better as they focus onto one place and filmmakers use those for dialogue most of the time. Clearly, you need to read more and listen to examples on youtube. There is enough information out there for you to determine if you 'need' a shotgun microphone. This is not a yes/no question. There are endless movies on Youtube made with phones and cheap gimbal cameras that use built-in microphones. It's a matter of what production value you want for your film. Anyone on this forum would say yes, you need one. Even the most modest of filmmakers have a shotgun in their kit. 3- Anyone knows if i can attach, for example, Rodeo NTG4 to ZH8 without any problem? This is a lazy question that doesn't deserve an answer. Read about the NTG4 and read about H8 inputs and then answer this question yourself. If you are that ignorant about the equipment, I can't imagine how you will be able to operate it. You need to do your own homework. 4- - What kind of extra equipments or tools you can recommend to me to build a small audio gear which consists the fundamental elements to record high quality sound for my films? That is too broad a question to answer on this forum. But for a start, a shotgun microphone, a hypercardioid microphone, a recorder, headphones, cables, and a boom pole. After that, the list can go in any direction.
  6. Phantom is coming in some form according to Wisycom. No on-board recording in the US.
  7. That is one ugly post. As Jeff said, this site is mainly big-time pros who don't tolerate ignorant questions and poorly formatted posts. This sentence alone is so poorly formed (even considering you may be a native German) and uses bold as to completely confuse and turn off anyone that might help you. There is simply no way to answer this sentence. Think about what you want to ask and maybe try again as your post is a complete mess and unanswerable. Do people use Zoom H8 for the dialogue aswell? But i guess a shotgun recorder would be much better?
  8. I can make those knobs. But I'm not willing to pull the knobs off until I know how to do it. I tried pulling them off, but after pulling a certain amount, I feared any stronger would break something. Zoom says they come off, but they are not designed to do so, whatever that means. So I need either someone to explain how they come off or a victim willing to try it. efksound, posted this picture from a Facebook posting by someone else back in 2016.
  9. That is primo. No more bags.
  10. Having now read the patent, I'm retracting that statement.
  11. It's not obvious to me how Tentacle's app has anything to do with Zaxcom's patent if it doesn't record. https://www.natlawreview.com/article/recently-designated-precedential-ptab-decision-confirms-objective-indicia
  12. Good idea. I hadn't thought of that. I can cut off the screw-down ring.
  13. These are the perfect upper clamp. They come in different sizes. Bought these at the local hardware store. Was advised about these from others on this forum. Push in and it locks in place. Pull out and go. Very nice. This is a UK link, but I found them in the States as well. https://www.grippatank.co.uk/gripparack-rubber-pole-mount-suitable-for-10-35ft
  14. Those are nice. I really like the short barrel. But I'm not a fan of locking connectors on the receivers. They waste time when I'm in a hurry. Do you have to screw them down to make full contact? Aliexpress has several variants. Be careful. Some of them are junk. Others are impossible to solder. I used these - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003446438412.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.4123771dND6eSx&algo_pvid=109fa69e-09cf-4206-97cd-a8bddc251737&algo_exp_id=109fa69e-09cf-4206-97cd-a8bddc251737-51&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"12000025825069137"}
  15. I'm unhappy with bags. Access to things is cumbersome and I don't care for zippers. I didn't want to go the 3D printer route. So I thought I would see what I could do with Kydex to make access to everything easier. Being a pauper, I have the G3s which have the additional problem of front face control and display. Here is my first crack at it. Here you see an open frame that gives full access to the sides and bottom. The recorder is protected by Kydex panels that are screwed to the top and bottom. Ahh, no zippers, thank you. And full access to the connectors and SD cards. The green thing is a belly pad to push the recorder away from the belly to make it easier to see the recorder. I mostly work on a small vertical cart with the bag on top. In that case, I flip the pad out and have the recorder at an angle for easy viewing. To solve the G3 access problem, I have two racks that hinge away from the recorder to give access to the display, controls, and batteries. When I have it on the cart, the whips are replaced with coax and two LPDAs. If I am using it on the cart, but don't want to set up the LPDAs, the G3s can be set to a vertical position while the F8 is at an angle to optimize reception. Behind the G3s is a 12v battery and 3v converter to run the G3s. Also in the back is power outputs for the LPDAs and an LED light on the cart. There are a couple of D-rings for a handle and harness.
  16. Paul F

    Tilta Zombie Rig

    Put a chili cheese dog at the end of that rig and I'll just keep walking. I anticipate that this rig would be even harder on your back since instead of using your arms and shoulders to control movement, you'd have to have a stiff rigid back to have fine control of left/right movement and position.
  17. Uggh. You try to be a trooper and at some point, you have to say to yourself, 'what am I doing here'? I try to evaluate who's running the show and if this is going to be a disaster or a worthy project. On one passion project the producer and I talked for 45 minutes. During that time, all he did was talk about himself and how great he was. He actually said he was the greatest producer in the world. He never once asked me anything about me or my experience. Nothing. Run Forrest. Run.
  18. Those meteorological terms have been around for decades and stayed largely within the meteorological community. But I suppose at some point, TV weather people wanted to punch up their shows and terms like 'bomb cyclone' have a certain cache. In a world that forgot how to use anything but superlative adjectives, bomb cyclone goes with the territory. Who wouldn't want to say bomb cyclone on their weather report instead of heavy rain? But, I could be ultra, hyper-massively wrong to the extreme.
  19. Brilliant Larry. If I isolated the lower pole SMA connector with an insulating washer on both sides, would that suffice?
  20. Talk to these guys. They make knobs for several products. They will probably make whatever you want. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324541177816?hash=item4b90295fd8:g:qpkAAOSwjolhZHYO
  21. I want to make my own half-wave dipole for 216Mhz using a couple of SMA whips. What is not clear to me from literature: - What constitutes L in the diagram? Is it the total length, including the case (as implied by all the diagrams I've seen) or is it just the length of the whips? - If it is the latter, is case length crucial? - Can the case be metal or does it need to be an insulator? - A variable length dipole I bought has a resistor between the poles (200k). Is this necessary? The diagrams I looked at don't have one.
  22. Indeed, back in my college days when smoking indoors was allowed and many people smoked, I did maintenance at a public facility. The walls had streaks of tar and nicotine dripping down the walls.
  23. Perhaps you have contaminated it with soap residue due to a weak rinse. Here's an odd thought; tap water has minerals that can attach to the material in the form of crystals; things like iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. Think starchy clothes. Do your clothes have a problem or is it just the harness? Oil does not sound like a good idea.
  24. There's two reasons I can think of to be acquired; Short on capital and need to be rescued; owners want to retire or cash-in on company value. I suspect the latter. Founders Matt Anderson and Jon Tatooles have been at it for some 23 years. Best wishes to everyone at Sound Devices.
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