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Anna, the reason for Benjamin's response is that your post is highly suspect to be a troll post or an amateur no one wants to talk to or the fact that this question has been covered a million times or if you're on this forum, you should know the answer to the question. So I'd suggest that you search this site for the many posts discussing the wide variety of ways to do what you are asking. Every mixer has their own tricks to hiding lavs with any number of types of tape, foam, and other widgets. The number of possibilities are extensive and your description of the clothing doesn't begin to help answer the question. One could write an encyclopedia to describe  what materials to use and how to use them. It's a lengthy topic. Each application may be different.


Use google to search this site with various key words such as "hide lav site:jwsoundgroup.net".

Also look at the many youtube videos that cover this topic.


There is much more information about hiding lavs on this site than there is on Youtube, but you have spend some time searching and reading.


Cheers and best of luck.

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