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DPA USERS - Quick question about the MMP preamps

Paul Garafola

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Have you ever used the MMP-A preamp with the 4018 cap?


1. Do you have any samples to share, compared with the B or C?


2. If not, what was or is your opinion/impression of the A.


The reason I'm asking and what has peaked my curiosity is that there are no dialogue audio samples online anywhere, yet I'm reading about how the MMP-A is "superior" to the others.  Hhmmm....while that may be just an opinion of some reviewers, it still intrigues me.  


Hopefully, I'll be able to get one in my hands soon to try it myself.
But in the meantime, any feedback about your direct experience with the MMP-A would be so greatly appreciated.


Thanks everyone!


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20 minutes ago, Dejan Ceko said:

Hi Paul,

I will record some samples for your consideration :D and post it here during next week.

MMP/A is not RF shielded (so I do not use it with A10TX of mine - cable only), just to know.




THANK YOU, Dejan, for your quick reply. 

Ooooh, that's good to know.  In my case here, I'm cable only.  So that would be a non-issue for me.

Looking forward to hearing your samples, preferably with some low cut on the mixer if you can. Maybe 100Hz?

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