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RFI on pigtail snake headphone return


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I have a cameraman client that has a snake for camera that has major RFI on headphone out. 
25-foot snake, on the pigtail the headphone out cable is thinner, about 16” long and a metal 1/8” plug. I received Strong AM radio stations on it in NYC when using a Sony FX9 camera. I unplugged the AC power supply to camera.

I have had issues with Sony FS7 on it too.

2-3 camera setup with SDI cables feeding a Decimator Multiviewer quad-split. 2 cameras, monitor, and Quad splitter all on same circuit= same ground. No buzz/hum. 

 hmm i don’t know if I tried unplugging HDSDI cables from camera.

I added a ferrite core 7mm and wrapped the thin headphone out cable through twice. No effect. This is a RFI issue not a EMI issue.

Has anyone used a copper shielding sleeve and heatshrinked each end on the headphone return to solve this?


Other than rewiring the pigtail and using a different cable that is shielded and a new plastic molded 1/8” plug I am out of ideas.

I know it is unbalanced. For a rewiring of headphone out cable should I use shielded Canare L-4E6S Star Quad 

Is this a Sony FX9 issue?



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