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Wisycom tx lemo3 connectors

Fred Salles

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Hello everyone,

sorry, I am sure it might be somewhere in the forum but I have been searching for hours unsuccessfully.

Where can I find the reference of the female Lemo3 receptacle on the Wisycom transmitters (MPT40,41 and hopefully MPT60) ?

So that if we want to search for a male plug on Lemo website we know if it will match.

As we all know there are several options for the microphone male lemo3 plug , some prefer screw-on , some push-pull (FGB.00.303.CLAD35 if I am not mistaken), I want to make a list of all/several plug options.


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Use the support chat on the Lemo website. They are very helpful and give you a thorough answer (that you can post here ;-)). They will guide you to their catalog and pages with naming conventions, including kink protections. I've done so, looking for a cabled counterpart for the FVB to make adapters for Wisycom/Sennheiser lavs to locking miniTRS. However when I knew the Lemo article number(s), I found out that they were more or less vaporware on the market. There were a few small offers from china and on ebay, but the best solution for my needs was:


The connector at least looked resolderable to me and can be taken apart and reassembled without any special tools. However it's really fumbly and I don't recommend doing so in the field. Besides, Tentacle may be not very shy of telling what connector they used if you ask them.

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1 hour ago, DanieldH said:

Use the support chat on the Lemo website. They are very helpful and give you a thorough answer

I just did and indeed the person was very helpful and I learned quite a lot about their naming convention. He could not confirm 100% that the plug I was interested to get would fit as he did not know the exact reference of the receptacle on the tx, which lead me to write this post here 😉 

We figured it might be either XRB.00.303.NLN or some variation of ESB.00.303.CLL/ESB.00.303.NLL/ESB.00.303.NLN.

He explained that all B series are push-pull connectors (the third letter used for the keying system, here 2 keys at 60°), although « The threaded coupling is a special exception that was created for a specific audio application that has since grown quite a bit. But it's all still built out of the same B series push-pull connectors... they just happen to have threaded coupling. »

Hence the possibilities to use either push-pull or screw-on plugs for the Wisycom tx.


1 hour ago, DanieldH said:

I found out that they were more or less vaporware on the market. 


What does  « vaporware » mean? First time reading that word. Thanks

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Originally, vaporware refers tosomething advertised that never made it to the market. However, I am sure you can buy some gazillion of a particular lemo connector in some 20foot high cube container to a local port near you. The fact that Lemo lists a product, is able to mass produce it or has done so in the past does not mean, you can buy small quantities from Mouser, Farnell, etc.

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