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SD 8 series Headset socket

Fred Salles

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I am not familiar with headset (headphone+mike combine) and their TA5 socket/plug. I actually use a separate mike (usually dynamic) for slate and com and my HD25.

So I want to make myself a cable to plug to my 888 TA5 headset socket and get out a headphone plug and a XLR mike input.

Now after searching around it seems the standard is not to use common ground for HP and mike as in a headset the mike seems to be unbalanced electret.

But Sound Devices gives this pinout for their socket:

TA5 jack Headphone and slate microphone connections [pin-1 = HP right, pin-2 = HP left, pin-3 = ground, pin-4 = Mic -, pin-5 = Mic+]

It seems to suggest to use common ground for HP and balanced mike.

I think it should be fine but I am a bit hesitant (and it is late here my eyes are getting tired) so I figured I should discuss first 😉

Any opinion before I start soldering?




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i had an old COS11 that had been a bit damaged so i hadn't sold it when i sold all my others, so i thought it wouldn't hurt to try it on 12v. turned out it was fine, even though the spec says 3-10v.


its been my slate mic for quite a few years now, and hasnt gotten any more broken than it was before.

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