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  1. I might have of missed it, but what happens when the battery in the earpiece needs replacing after several years? Do I send it back to manufacturer or will I just buy a replacement earpiece?
  2. Proaims soundchief looks like a direct copy of a Rastorder Foldup cart http://www.rastorder.com.au/product_foldup.htm
  3. Hey Ed, I've been using one of these with no troubles https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/322165403845 I went with 15 volt so I can have both it and a smart battery plugged into my PSC triple play BDS. The BDS uses the source with highest voltage so if I lose AC power it switches to my battery.
  4. Can you select and upload a folder though, like In your example the folder named 20Y11M20. Or if uploaded the folder AON-TEAM-A will the sub folders and files also upload?
  5. Can you select entire folders to upload rather than individual files? In the demo video it doesn't seem to show this? I've tried using dropbox and google drive apps and directly connecting to an 833 and that was a major drawback for me, having to create the folders then adding files to them on the cloud.
  6. Thanks for the replies, I think I'll just run seperate batteries for now.
  7. My set up is Lectrosonics SRC (also tried 411a) feeding 833, both powered from remote audio BDS and Audioroot battery. I'm getting a high pitched hum/whine when I use the Aux channel 7/8 input on my 833. Problem stops if I power SRC from its own battery using the Battsled so Im guessing its a ground loop. Anyone else experienced this? Can I disconnect the ground between the SRC and 833 input? Should I get a line isolator like this - https://www.radialeng.com/product/icecube?
  8. Fingers crossed for an android mobile support in the next release!
  9. Thanks for the chart, very handy. Yes 22 or 24 awg will do the job.
  10. Yes I've ordered something similar to try. Looking at the remote audio smart battery cup (https://www.trewaudio.com/product/remote-audio-bdshqcs2/) looks like it says 20awg, but the only 4 core 20awg I could find is only 6mm thick!
  11. I don't think any of their multi core cables would be heavy enough gauge, 833 can draw up to 1 amp. Also doesn't need to be shielded.
  12. I want to make some power cables to an 833 from my smart battery. Any recommendations on a source of 4 core dc power cable? Needs to be 4 core to carry power and battery telemetry.
  13. Yes thats what I thought I'd do. So Sleeve = Ground and ring = Hot. And Tip = disconnected? I'm making them for someone else and don't have any Sony wireless to test it so want to get it right!
  14. I'm about make some line level input cables for Sony UTX-B03 UWP-D body pack transmitter. I've found some info on wiring for mic input but not line level, not sure if its the same?
  15. You'd need to check with a multimeter or open the connectors and have a look. If incorrect it wouldn't damage the camera but there is a possibility the phase is reversed .
  16. I made some cables recently and emailed Black Magic to check: XLR pinout is the following: Pin1 – GND Pin2 – +ve signal (Hot) Pin3 - -ve signal (Cold) IMPORTANT: This is the view of the Camera
  17. I started working on something like this a while ago but haven’t finished it yet.. Im going to base it around this http://mini-box.com.au/Y-PWR Hot Swap Load Sharing Controller.html. The circuit basically switches to and uses the highest input voltage so I’ll feed it an AC supply of 15v on one input and an np1 on the other input. Once the np1 drops bellow 15v it’ll use the AC supply and if that fails it’ll switch back to the np1. The output from the circuit will feed my remote audio bds same as always. I might also have 2 np1 inputs in parallel so they can be hotswapped also. Essentially it’ll be like a modular ups just without the battery charging facility.
  18. Hi Damen, what was the outcome of this? I have a similar issue but mine is shades of blue, as well as distortions and lines. Thanks!
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  23. Looks interesting. I would worry about the brightness knob on the side though, maybe having it recessed would be better. Also will the front panel be replaceable once it gets old/dirty/chipped?
  24. I have charged Soshine bateries in my ipower charger with no problems. Haven't tried ipowers in the Soshine charger though, will try when I get home. Guess it should work.
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    Fits fine with the clip left on. Tobi
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