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    BDS Battery + AC

    I started working on something like this a while ago but haven’t finished it yet.. Im going to base it around this http://mini-box.com.au/Y-PWR Hot Swap Load Sharing Controller.html. The circuit basically switches to and uses the highest input voltage so I’ll feed it an AC supply of 15v on one input and an np1 on the other input. Once the np1 drops bellow 15v it’ll use the AC supply and if that fails it’ll switch back to the np1. The output from the circuit will feed my remote audio bds same as always. I might also have 2 np1 inputs in parallel so they can be hotswapped also. Essentially it’ll be like a modular ups just without the battery charging facility.
  2. Tobi A

    664 LCD Screen problem

    Hi Damen, what was the outcome of this? I have a similar issue but mine is shades of blue, as well as distortions and lines. Thanks!
  3. Tobi A

    Fuze Ti: Fuze Slate

    Looks interesting. I would worry about the brightness knob on the side though, maybe having it recessed would be better. Also will the front panel be replaceable once it gets old/dirty/chipped?
  4. I have charged Soshine bateries in my ipower charger with no problems. Haven't tried ipowers in the Soshine charger though, will try when I get home. Guess it should work.
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    Fits fine with the clip left on. Tobi
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    I just got some of the top type and my block 26 UM200 fits with a little bit of bend in the antenna; Cheers, Tobi