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KMR 81i in Pianissimo


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Hi, finally upgrading from WS4 for my 2x KMR 81i's


Should I be pitching my dealer about Piano instead who seems to be trying to avoid discussing it 🤷‍♀️


e.g. should I be worrying this "lessened" gap between the boundary and the head of my KMR 81i ?


Pianissimo would be much more versatile for me than Piano that is granted that opens the path to 8000's and other "minis" (or "modern medium" size now!) outside.


Cinela had a facebook post down from 2014 showing "it's possible" - I'm just wondering about the tradeoffs here.


Maybe there are some other alternatives I've neglected to check out ?

Screenshot from 2022-10-21 21-51-04-kmr81.png

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So we made plenty of measurements (transparency and wind efficiency) and here is the simplest picture (wind test) that shows the difference between a KMR81i in Pianissimo or Piano.

Lateral wind. 6 meters per second (common situation).

The graph shows the noise level depending on frequency.

- With the "fabric only", there is not more than 2 or 3dB difference between 80Hz and 300Hz (Piano is better).

- With the fur installed, there is no significant difference between Piano and Pianissimo. Small peaks are only "artefacts" (motor noise).

To appreciate these results, one has to focus between 60 and 500 Hz. Below 60Hz, everything will be filtered in post (or even in location), and above 500Hz, the level is really low.


In conclusion, with the KMR8i, the difference between Piano and Pianissimo is not that much ! It's even equivalent if the fur is installed.
Then, you choose !


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