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Is a very slight phase difference an issue when mixing multitrack audio for broadcast?


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I recorded multiple lavs to separate tracks in my zoom f6 and mixed them for broadcast in my DAW to a (dual)mono track.

When I perform a quality check for my video I get some alerts:

"Phase difference between Left Channel and Right Channel found beginning at 00:00:00:00 for 84.00 seconds with max phase difference value lying between 10 DEGREE to 20"

The phase difference is always less then 20 degrees in those alerts.

Is this an issue and do I have to adress it?

When mixing on location to a single track phasing can occur as well and cannot be corrected in post, so I guess it should be find. Does it?

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What does it sound like?  If it sounds good, why let an automated "quality check" tell you otherwise?

That said, if you need to hit broadcast specs, yes, it may be a problem, but that is a conversation you should have with the broadcaster.

But ... a dual mono mix should be 100% in phase by definition, so the fact that you are getting a warning suggests there is either something wrong with the way your DAW is routing tracks, or else there is a bug in their "quality check" (which is all the more reason to ignore it).

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10 hours ago, Sound said:

But there can be phasing issues in the mono mix itself. 


For sure there can be.  But that's not what the error message said:  "Phase difference between Left Channel and Right Channel found..."

So, if it's finding phase issues between the two channels, something's gone wrong somewhere.

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