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Replacement Pins for Lemo-Power-Cable


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Thanks! I will contact them.

I guess those pins should work as well:


Although 20 Euros shipment from germany to germany seems quite expensive.

If I get it right the connector should bei FSB 0B 2 Pin (rotateable) or FHG 0B (non rotateable).

Just tried to pull the broken pin out of the plastic part - it was not possible.

Maybe they sell just the plastic inner part with two pins - otherwise I will try a new connector.

They start at about 10 dollars on aliexpress.

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with that kind of thing, i wouldnt guess.

if there is a part number, Lemo will be able to tell you what it is.


places like Mouser charge quite a big mark up on Lemo, compared to what getting direct from Lemo would cost. but you need to hit the minimum order value.
also, im not sure if anything you order from Mouser is warehoused outside the US. i think that stuff i have ordered from them in the past has shipped from the states. but its entirely possible i am wrong about this, but could explain the €20 shipping.

the last letter of the first 3 (FSB, FHG...) denotes the keying (number of notches on the outside of the connector, which need to match with what you are plugging into)

if you look on the outside of the shell, you should be able to see the part number etched into it

most power connectors i have encountered are G keying 



here is what i could find of the angled B keying as an example




the FSG connectors are about 5 times more expensive than the straight connectors



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2 minutes ago, Sound said:

Thanks! You are right, I think it’s g. I was only thinking about the size of the connector, which must be 0b, and forgot about different connector styles. Not that easy to find.

just making sure you dont make the mistake i once made.

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You were absolutely right. The pins are not available separately from LEMO as they are fixed to the inner part and the cables will be soldered to them. You can get the inner parts with pins for about four euros/dollars.

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