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Sound Devices SL-2 / Wisycom MCR54 fit question


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I just got the SL-2 and installed the MCR54. But is there supposed to be a 1/2-inch gap between the them when slid in all the way? I saw a video from SD that showed the same thing with their MCR54, but is seems strange to have that gap, especially since the SL-2 locking mechanism doesn't really seem to 'lock' the receiver in place with the simple rubber pads providing just a friction hold. I wish I could use the screws on the receiver to truly lock it in place and that there was a proper middle part that would allow that. The Wisycom superslot back plate came with a spacer that is not compatible with the SL-2 - the screws are in the wrong spot and the edge pushes up against the antenna cables. Anyone else seeing this? 


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same on mine. does it matter? the RX are held in and steady by the friction spring thing. if i had a complaint it would be the SMA are higher than the faders in the bag - which you could say is the same thing :)

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