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Sound Devices SL-2 / Wisycom MCR54 fit question


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I just got the SL-2 and installed the MCR54. But is there supposed to be a 1/2-inch gap between the them when slid in all the way? I saw a video from SD that showed the same thing with their MCR54, but is seems strange to have that gap, especially since the SL-2 locking mechanism doesn't really seem to 'lock' the receiver in place with the simple rubber pads providing just a friction hold. I wish I could use the screws on the receiver to truly lock it in place and that there was a proper middle part that would allow that. The Wisycom superslot back plate came with a spacer that is not compatible with the SL-2 - the screws are in the wrong spot and the edge pushes up against the antenna cables. Anyone else seeing this? 


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On 5/17/2023 at 2:34 AM, WaterlooNorm said:

Exact same issue with mine. Couldn't use the included spacers. Maybe someone will 3D print a solution. Following.

Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. The rubber locking bar did not hold the receiver in place. I mean it would not fall out on its own but I could just easily pull on it and it slipped out. This was confirmed by Sound Devices support too. So I made the adapter and added some brass inserts so I could use the screws on the receiver to mount it to the slot properly. And I just removed the whole locking mechanism that did nothing to hold them in place (I don't know why this even exists - why not just use the screws on the receivers?) Also weird were the instructions saying to keep the caps in place on unused slots to keep dust out...but the whole device is wide open on the top and bottom. I am very new to slot receivers. Is it proper to criss-cross the SMA to keep the wires from bulging out or should I not do that (I'm not sure it matters)?

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