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  1. I highly recommend Simon at https://audio-workbench.com
  2. 888/SL2 w/ Wisy MCR54 & RA Smart Batteries
  3. That's very helpful - Thank you Paul!
  4. You must have the wrong Normy 😉 I'm using an 18" low-profile cabletechniques mounted with a rycote at the top of the boom. Thank you. My setup is similar and not experienced any RF issues although I may not have been stressing the RF enough to notice a difference. Yes, I believe this is the same for the MTB but your explication helps clear this up.
  5. Hello. I was recently informed by a highly respected professional that connecting my Wisycom MTB plug-on transmitter to a short XLR cable connected to my boom microphone violates the antenna design commonly used in most plug-on transmitter. "First, I should state that this is the incorrect use of *ANY* plug-on device; no matter what the manufacturer. Plug-on transmitters employ dipole antennas where one of the antennas are in the transmitter itself, and the other is the microphone attached to the plug-on. Using an XLR cable between the two breaks the connection and so you have “half a dipole antenna”; you will not have great RF coverage." I am interested in this group's perspective on topic this as I see this as a common practice.
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