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Lectrosonics HME plugon looses battery connection


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Hello, all. I can't seem to find this topic on the forum which is odd because I am told this is a known issue. 


I bought a used HME xmtr from a dealer a year ago and haven't used it a great deal until now and I am discovering that if I just tap the plugon xmtr in a tabletop it looses power. I have to open the battery door and close it and then it powers back on. I can also wack my palm against it and get it come back on sometimes too.


I have tried alkaline and rechargable cells. Same thing. I perceive nothing loose inside the battery compartment.


Please direct me to a thread that tells me how to fix this or just tell me how to fix it. Do I bend a battery tab? Do i stuff a foreign object in there? Thanks.



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Well, the battery tabs are just bent bits of brass or copper at the inaccessible end. Not gold. And no spring. The battery door side contacts are just shinny metal.


I cleaned all contacts with a cotton swab dipped in tuner cleaner. Then used an eraser head. Then more cleaner. Then I pulled up the contact on the right (in thie pic) a bit with a hooked paper clip but the left contact is captured behind a plastic retaining ring that prevented me from pulling that up.


I reassembled the battery door and the battery contact failure rate is less now. Still not solid but better.


Thanks again




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I was told this from Lectro service manager,


"Hello Kent,
The silver paste is only for use on the threads of the SM-style battery doors – do not use it, or any other chemical, inside the battery compartment. It could be that the internal battery contacts have gotten pressed down some. It may need service.  Let me know if you have any questions or need anything else.
Best Regards"

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