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  1. I would also look at what Rode has to offer. For example the NT-6 could fill your requirements perfectly and they sound decent enough. On axis at close range is where most mics sound their best.
  2. It‘s semi informative at best. None of the solutions discussed here existed back when the video was made, but more importantly wind doesn’t usually blow on the tip of the shield only, it can come from any direction. And perhaps even most importantly: how does the sound change with each wind protection? The video didn’t demonstrate that at all
  3. I disagree with that. Critical listening is something that can and should be taught. Just like musicians learn how to identify chord progressions for example, it is equally useful for sound recordists to learn what to listen for. I would say that trying to identify problematic set noises while other things happen on top is a usefull skill that comes with experience, but can also be taught and praticticed. Also what differentiates microphone polar patterns and mics. It’s good to have this experience before walking onto a set for the first time.
  4. As well as a low price
  5. Actually, on my current project with the Mini LF they specifically asked me to provide a straight Lemo instead of the angled one. But this does confirm the practice to always speak to the camera dept beforehand and ask them for their preference
  6. Cosi and Super Shield are meant for different situations. I consider the Cosi mostly an indoor shield which is suitable for light to medium wind outdoors. Anything stronger requires a full shield and if it comes down to those two, ypu should go with the super shield or try to save up for the piano.
  7. Yes, I agree that it is not totally bad that they have teamed up with Sonosax. Certainly I am happy for Sonosax. And while I can see some special legitimate use-cases for this, I also worry that this is another nail in the coffin of the location sound recordist. Not saying it's the final nail, but one more. Had a longer reply planned, but can't find the time at the moment...
  8. What are those great Sonosax preamps going to be used for? The best sounding scratch track ever? Or will we be required again to record broadcastable audio on the camera?
  9. It‘s actually very easy. Just unscrew the Rycote zep, and pull on the cable and the mic slides right out. Unscrew from the Lemo and that’s it. It’s faster than taking it out of a regular windshield kit.
  10. yes, I do the exact same thing, although I actually found a white material that’s normally being used for loudspeakers. I thought that probably sounds better than a filter! (just a joke, it’s virtually the same material). I use this on Cinela rigs and stereo Rycote sets, but for a regular Rycote kit, the Remote Audio Rainman works really well.
  11. No, they just hide it a bit. https://schoeps.de/en/buyrent/used-article-sales.html you have to go through a regular Schoeps dealer, but then it should be fine, although that list isn’t always up to date. The set there does not include a microphone. I should add that my dish, which I got from the used list, too, looks very heavily used, but I don’t feel like it harms the sound too much. yes indeed. It was originally designed (or sold by Schoeps) for Schoeps CCM mics, but now that they have the CMC 1L preamp you can use that with any capsule you like. Just FYI: The Telinga which Schoeps offer has a diameter of 23“.
  12. I have the Schoeps parabolic dish set and it comes with a Telinga dish. I liked the set for its completeness, i.e. dish, and mic, and Rycote wind protection, and handle, and stand mount. That’s quite useful. You can squeeze the dish into a fairly small shape and stuff it into a bag for portability. It sounds nice for what it is, and a Schoeps mic certainly doesn’t harm the sound and they provide a free plugin to compensate for the dish sound and both seem to work well together, but I am not a nature recordist and I have not compared this set to any other set, nor have I even used this much. So take my infor with a grain of salt. But I can say with certainty that Schoeps do sell a Telinga dish set, and in fact they currently offer a deal on a used set on their website…
  13. Normally I would not recommend the 8040‘s based purely on my personal taste. But for ambiances, especially really quiet ones, the 8040 or 8020 would be you quietest and most suitable choice. Regarding your wind protection question: without a doubt, out of those two, pick the Cinela. It is worth every penny of the difference between those two. Even in a stationary situation
  14. I am pretty sure this is not humidity. It sounds different, and the whole issue is over-hyped anyway. I‘m guessing it’s something else, but I couldn’t tell you what.
  15. Just FYI if you do consider the Ebay route you might as well consider BBList. Basically you pay them and once they have received your full payment, they’ll tell the seller to ship your purchases. Once received you have a couple if days to check everything out and only then will they release the payment. they take 10%, I believe, plus sometimes a currency conversion fee. It’s similar to what Ebay takes, but much safer
  16. No, I never have, although I have been tempted to on a few occasions. So far I‘ve been lucky. However, I only buy expensive gear from someone who is well-known either here or on Facebook in the relevant groups. If possible, I check any past sales and try to contact a previous buyer and I have also tried to ask other sound mixers in the area of the seller if they know the person. Oh, and real names only. If they go by „Tape2000“ around here, I won’t buy anything expensive from them.
  17. I don’t I‘d interpret that differently. Most higher end audio manufacturers have started selling incorporating two or more A/D converters each weighed towards a specific dynamic range. Combined those systems are well capable of producing dynamic ranges well above 144dB of dynamic range. Preamps are a different story, but there are some input stages with such enormous dynamic ranges that they simply don’t employ a preamp at all, thereby circumventing that bottleneck. There are some mics that can deliver way more than 144dB of dynamic range, but that’s not the norm, I guess. 32-bit float is another story entirely, and it’s not just about extended dynamic range
  18. I hate foot foam, because my experience seems to be the opposite: it sticks like hell and never comes off again, especially the non-foam part. And I also find that it only lasts for a couple of takes at the most. but that gaff tape idea is great, I may try that next time.
  19. I have never worked with a specific GPS tracker, but I have other devices in close proximity to my audio gear, with no apparent effect, such as my phone or my ipad. Those things also work in various RF ranges. However, if you want to make sure you could find out the exact frequency and incorporate it in your frequency coordination. That won’t help with any spill and/or desensitisation of the receivers, but it will help with any possible intermodulation.
  20. No, I did not try that. My SL-2 sits in my bag, but the BFA are on my cart.
  21. Yes, you can do that, no problem. I have two SRB in there and the aux out is feeding a DSQD which in turn feeds an 822, so I get 10 channels of wireless without a separate rf or power distro. In your case it‘d be even more. In my case I can’t use all of the AES inputs, because the SRBs are analog, but with you rig it should be different. If the Wisys output digital
  22. That’s the thing with Cinela that I was kind of trying to get at (but didn’t). Their not-really-modularity makes it difficult to adapt them in the field.
  23. Yes, I agree with Chris Baker, even though I chose the third option, DPA 4018cC, but they are all great. This comes down to personal taste.
  24. Rycote has the advantage of being fairly modular and universal, so each rig can easily be adapted to new situations. This comes at the expense of better mic isolation and possibly wind protection. Cinela has the advantage of making each mount specifically for every microphone which comes at the expense of adaptibility. However, you can get the suspension needed for the MS rig and swap that out for the mono suspension - as I understand it. Not sure how it works with the cabling and all, but it is possible. Send Cinela an email. They are very responsive and helpful
  25. In my opinion, you never know when RF issues are going to hit you. So having the filter on at all times should be SOP. There’s no downside to that, afaik
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