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  1. Constantin

    What's wrong?

    Greatest guitarist and worst cameraman both on the same stage. That’s what’s wrong
  2. OK, well in that case I think you should talk to Schoeps about it. They’ve really improved their turnaround times for their service department
  3. Have you tried the dB boost within the SuperCMIT? Maybe that helps. You should also consider to send the DA42 to Schoeps for a check-up, it’s always possible it has developed an issue of some sort
  4. The aforementioned Audiosense in Belgium sell them for €2 plus shipping. Shipping to Germany is €11 or so, should be similar to Ireland (with UPS). I just ordered a bunch of them as I lose them continually. They even had them in stock.
  5. I have used various LED lights and most run on 12V. So I have just added a Hirose and plugged it into one of the outlets. Now I have a light switch!
  6. For me personally, I don’t much need tx recording. I used a Zax boom for several years and have never needed (or particularly wanted) it. What I consider most important above all is how they sound. What does the preamp sound like, how loud is the combined self-noise and what does the data compression sound like. Latency is not among my major concerns, but range comes in after sound. Among all digital transmitters I‘ve heard to date, not one excited me. Not one sounded definitively better, than a good analog or digital hybrid. So in my opinion, unless they sound better, it’ll jusz be a
  7. Well, that’s why I was curious about his experience with the 4017. I personally believe that the 4017 indeed is the most versatile mic as it‘ll still sound very good indoors where other tubes sound like crap already. But I also have next to no experience with any Sennheiser mic (mostly because I generally don’t like their sound as much)
  8. Just out of curiosity: is among the microphones you heard with intereference tube a 4017?
  9. That is very bizarre. Why were you not allowed to boom overhead? Surely for some reason other than corona? Sure, I mean when booming from below it is possible. I never thought about this prior to Corona, so while I can see how the virus can get into the fur, I still can’t really see how it would get out of it. in fact, one of the higher profile virologists here in Germany explicitly stated that pur foamies act a bit like a sponge, soaking up moisture and thus virus, and will not release it. I will say though, I have bought five spare foamies so I can rotate them and have the others
  10. I realize this may be a bit late now, but can you set voltage levels in the 664? This was a big problem on my 788 once that I couldn’t solve at first. The voltage warning level for Ext DC had suddenly changed to 12V, but my power distro only delivered 11.7V. This caused the machine to display some crazy switching back and forth between int and ext power. I removed ext and I could boot it normally and change the ext voltage level to 11.5V and everything was fine from them on
  11. This comes up repeatedly here and on Facebook (understandably so). My personal opinion is that it is not necessary to clean these things, except maybe the fur in some circumstances. In my case only my boom-op touche booms, mic mounts, mics, furs, etc. Nobody else will touch these things. So there’s no need for disinfection. The only exception maybe if booming from below and fairly close to the mouth. The fur or other wind protection maybe cleaned then, although I still don’t see how anyone could get infected off of that. Even if an infected person were to throw virus off onto the fur, you‘d th
  12. Possibly true, but Kortwich is a good address for this, too. Ambient of course is or was the main service center before the Berlin shop, so maybe they are again now?
  13. Yes, but I was pointing out that you can have both: spreading out the spectrum and have good filtering. in the end I think keeping it narrow will yield the best performance. Until very recently I kept everything on block 24 and 25, coupled with Lectro UFM50 on those blocks. Rock solid
  14. yes it does Wisycom has some great filter/amps out, the BFA2. It has various types of filters and you can set the band-pass filter as you need it, in addition to high- and lowpass filters. It’s not 100% user-setable, but there are different very useful options which you can switch to, adapting to different rf environments. They also come with a built-in rf amp which ranges from -12 to +27dB! Bit pricey, but very useful
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