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  1. Oh yes, I agree with that, not ideal to catch just the breathing - or at all
  2. Well, the Tracke E‘s don’t record to the iphone, they only record to their own sd card. So drift of the video will not cause any damage to the audio. However, the ability to sync audio and video may suffer as a consequence of the video drift, but that would be the case with any external audio recorder. At least with the Track E you‘ll get (presumably) rocksolid audio and can sync and align your video to that.
  3. The Track Es have as their tc part essentially a Sync E inside and they will stay in sync with each other for at least 24 hours. There will be no drift of tc. There seems to be some confusion here of what timecode is amd what it is not. There can and may well be drift and phase issues between two or more recording devices, even though they are synced by timecode. This is regardless of which tc system and manufacturer is being used and regardless of their method of updating their tc sync. On long takes there will be some drift between two or more devices. The only way to get around th
  4. I have one, if you are interested, Daniel. Can‘t tell you if it works for this or not, though
  5. No regular device is constantly syncing TC while rolling. A lot of them can sync all the time when they are not rolling. The F2 will not sync to Bluetooth TC mid-take, just simply not how timecode works. They will always just grab the tc value when you press record (although it is technically possible, bu that’s perhaps a discussion for another day). So once they’ve grabbed all devices will roll on their own and whether or not there will be phasing depends on how well the digital clocks run, which is different from the tc clock. Most likely there will be phasing of some sort. There are ways
  6. Thanks! yes of course you may ask. The monitor is mounted to a hinge with clamp lever which I can stop at any given angle. Sorry, by the way, there are lots of words involved here which I don’t known English. It even took a long time to find them out in German. Not knowing the correct term meant that I needed a long time to find the ideal parts for my build, especially the monitor mount, so I‘m not sure if it’s clear what I mean. Anyway, the angle is from item who also made the aluminium profiles. Here is the link, it shows you what I mean. https://product.item24.de/en/products/prod
  7. That Cosi looks great! And thanks for showing that now, looks like my new year’s vow to not buy anymore gear unless I absolutely desperately need it, has held up almost a full day...
  8. Same for me, although I‘ve also recently added the Cosi, which is useful for fast swings, but adds size. Also tried the Bubblebee, but find it too big, albeit nice. I couldn’t find out (read: I didn’t ask them) if Cinela also make a 19mm version of the XS Cosi, which is intended for the 20mm MiniCMIT, but that should work well
  9. This is really weird. I would second calling the office. Make sure you call the office in Barleben which where they have their service center. They are apparently not very coherent with their repair policies. For example, I asked Neumann about an rf fix for my KMR81, to which they replied it couldn’t be done. Then I heard from a dutch colleague that Sennheiser does in fact offer such a fix. So who knows what’s going in there, but it’s definitely worth asking around a bit before buying a new mic. Let us know how you get on
  10. I had that exact same experience with the Accsoon. In my case, camera dept was quite helpful and we added a long bar to mount Teradek receiver and Accsoon transmitter further apart from each other which solved the issue
  11. I whole-heartedly agree. However, I have found that with a little bit of creativity I can rackmount anything. Don't know the size of the CL3, but other Zaxcom units fit into BEC group holders, or Zaxcom's own mount. Like thew Zaxpaq, or a similar thing which I have. Which isn't specifically for rackmounting, but it can be made to work. It's a cool idea, but I can't help but wonder if the speaker can be activated by mistake? I'm sure it can be used to listen to the audio without headphones on. Or is its only purpose to serve as a finder help? I didn't watch the prese
  12. I have heard of a few bugs in 7.2, so maybe you want to consider staying on 7.1 for a bit longer
  13. No, it is 24V as well. I have a cheap converter just for that. Since it’s only for the lift I used the cheapest thing I could find. In the lower part of the cart there is an aluminium box (which is actually originally for bread storage) which houses the converter. On top of that box there is a lone NP-1 battery whose sole purpose it is to power the lift. The converter draws current all the time so it needed a separate power supply. This NP-1 also doubles as a backup power supply for the cart should something happen to the main battery
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