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  1. I think given the budget restraints the Zoom F8n with its controller is a very sane choice. I don’t understand why so many here offer advice on recorders costing many times more than your budget and that doesn‘t even include the mic. Regarding the ambisonic mic: do you really need that? In 98% of the times I have not even been asked to provide stereo ambiences, let alone anything requiring more capsules. Ambisonic mics can be great, if and when you really need them. If you don’t, you could spend that much more on your recorder, and get (for example) a Sound Devices 633 or the Maxx
  2. What about the one from the UK? And the other one from Germany? Or do you disqualify their respective methods of remote control?
  3. I think this is a wrong assumption. It may very well be the reverse when you suddenly have have top notch gear, but haven’t taken the time to learn it, or in the heat of the moment you forget how to operate it. To put it bluntly, after one movie, I don’t think you really know how to do the job - and that’s fine, it’s not unusual and you grow from your experiences. But when the heat of the moment arrives you don’t want to be fumbling around with your gear. To start with, keep it simple and know the gear inside out. And understand what it can do and what it can’t do
  4. Baby wipes. There are oily and non-oily types. Try the the non-oily first
  5. True. Which would be fine as well, I guesss
  6. Yes I know. But you know, ships need to return to their home port eventually
  7. Oh yeah, probably. Further down they call it „multi microphone“, so I thought that was that. Anyway. I‘m sure it’s interesting for someone, not so sure that someone is here. Except, this could be ok for a boom op, instead of having a larger tx and a mic, could be nice to just have this.
  8. I wanted to say „no it’s not interesting“, but that wouldn’t be true. It is somewhat interesting. But it very much looks like no external mics can be used, inspite of them talking about „dual mic“, so that makes it usable for crew communications at best.
  9. And that is exactly why we need to have the discussions here at JWSoundgroup and NOT on Facebook. Facebook is TERRIBLE for proper discussions. Apart from keeping track, if you return to a discussion it is very difficult to return to the place where you left off (especially on the phone) and then there are all these side discussions. And there are no real quotes, so people often don’t know what you’re talking about and so a lot of time is wasted clearing up mis-understandings, if that happens at all. I would so love it if we could move all Facebook location sound discussions to this place, but alas I doubt it’s possible
  10. So you’re saying that a Schoeps CMC6/MK41 has more issues with humidity than a CMC6/MK2? The only actual issue that I am aware of with modular mics is that when changing capsules dirt can get in between capsule and body. This then either attracts moisture or causes issues all by itself. Since the Schoeps Colette series is modular, maybe this is the root of the Schoeps/Humidity thing. I think a 416 is a good last resort backup. For me personally it really is just that. My regular backup is a duplicate of the main mic. If what you really want is a Schoeps, why do you consider the MKH50?
  11. Instead of using the „copy files to ext“ or whatever, connect the 788 as an external drive to your computer. Then you can just grab all the files you need. This way is also much faster
  12. No, I was thinking how during winter when you have the heating on the humidity rises indoors and when you open a window the cold and dry air will carry the humidity outside. Anyway, that’s really beside the point. Of course. The point was, and maybe I didn’t make it clear enough, that Schoeps mics are not more prone to failure due to humidity than other mics, with the exception of the RF-biased mics. I know people who went to the Amazon in rain season, to the Himalaya, Mongolia, the African desert, Antartica, weeks on a ship, wherever else, all with a CMIT, and all without a single failure. OTOH I know of at least one instance where a 416 failed due to moisture. I think that should be SOP regardless of the mic used.
  13. Yes, you’re right, actually. I was thinking of how colder air (in rooms) sort of carries humidity outside, but it’s different when you actually are outside. That however is a myth.
  14. Getting colder is not a humidity thing, humidity drops as it gets colder. Have you got another mic for a double check? Try it when the CMIT starts crackling again.
  15. It may well not be, but it’s what you originally said and what I was referring to before. It’s very possible the following recording chain clips before the mic does, because most lav mics are not too sensitive for this. Maybe something like the DPA d:vice might be useful here. Anyway, it does really come down to what Mike said: try it beforehand
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