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  1. So you want us to replace our timecode sync box with another box that can relay sync from a satellite? To me as an end-user, what’s the advantage? fps, nd, df, etc. have nothing to do with your chosen method of syncing. Genlock and possibly Wordclock also are something that need to be considered. Soneone did actually propose exactly what you are proposing now and we had a discussion about that here. I believe he did start development, but I‘m not sure where it’s at
  2. Clean the battery contacts on both ends. I had exactly the same issue and that fixed it. You also may need to apply a little bit of that silver paste. Lectro will provide that to you, I believe, or you can find out exactly which paste to get by calling their service line
  3. Yes, they made that clear. But Sound Devices is more than what was Audio Ltd. and they have many more customers outside the UK than in. Plus they already had an up and running service facility in Berlin. Anyway, I‘m not privvy to the decision making process, but this appaears wrong on almost every level
  4. But you could conceivably reverse your decision to close the shop in Berlin and focus only on Britain. Post-Brexit that turns out to be a terrible decision - as far as I can see the reasoning behind it. There may have been other reasons which I can’t see
  5. That could be a problem. Luckily we invented surnames like … I don’t know, thousands of years ago But there is at least another guy I know who went to Sweden. Maybe it’s not as strange as it feels, but I know very few people from Greece and maybe 4 or 5 of them I know only through social media and they are all in production sound and they almost all migrated to Sweden
  6. Yeah, afaik they split the company in two, one part they sold, the other- the pro gear - is staying in the family. A move i truly don’t understand, I always imagined Sennheiser was profitable, but I guess I was wrong. I think Schoeps also does all repairs in-house, and while that may not be ideal with the shipping and all, it hasn’t tanked the company. If Sennheiser can get their act together on this it may work out in the end. I And while Sonova is holding company, that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. It’s just the umbrella under which they hold a few companies, like Phonak. They mostl produce hearing aids so this may be a good fit. And they took in 600 Sennheiser employees…
  7. This is actually how it works in Germany by law. Many plastic and glas containers can be returned to basically any supermarket where you get your deposit back. I don’t know how well it works, but at least with the glas bottles and other glas containers, it does seem to make some sense. However, studies suggest that with al the cleaning etc involved, this is only environmentally friendly if processed pretty locally, or at least regionally. If you need to transport glas even a few hundred miles, the re-use advantage is pretty much mitigated. sorry I went silent on this thread, I am prepping for a shiw starting next week and that always seems to be my busiest time. It’ll be much better once production has actually started - I hope. But the documentary guy picked up the slack better than I could have. Or at least better than I would have wanted to
  8. Actually, that happens a lot. A lot of normal trash gets burned. There isn’t enough room to not burn trash. In the better circumstances, this will be „combusted with energy recovery“, but the actual combustion sites have been known to emit harmful gases, mostly because they don’t or can’t filter properly. The energy recovery can be a good thing, but a lot of trash gets burned without said energy recovery. And where it concerns paper and wood this still means that it’s carbon neutral at best. Landfills are terrible in their own right. As outlined above, as materials degrade, their components and contained substances get released into the soil and into the environment, they release methane, carbon dioxide, and other unpleasant things. Landfills also attract vermin, and they smell. Nevertheless, some waste can be landfilled, but it needs to be properly separated first. in any case, paper, unlike glass and metal, cannot be recycled endlessly, so it’s best to not make paper in the first place.
  9. Yeah, that what I guessed. although there is strange overlap between Japanese and German, when you are pronouncing… no, sorry, I was wrong. No overlap
  10. if it’s not recycled then it’ll be burned, releasing all the co2 which the original tree absorbed. Wood is only considered sustainable and renewable if it’s not eventually burned. Sure, we can plant trees to „renew“ the energy, but that’ll be of no help in reducing carbon emissions. Besides, we need to plant lots of trees to cool our city and help clean the air. To plant even more so we don’t have to recycle paper, makes absolutely no sense
  11. For me, strangely, this is going to be one of my best years. Here in Germany, a large streaming services has stopped all production, movies are being postponed and a sizable chunk of the Germany work force works for US productions and they have obviously pretty much stopped working, too - as far as I know. I am firmly wedged in the TV movie and series market, for whatever reason, and this has been very steady. Its fincances are stable (a lot of it publicly funded), so nothin‘s really changed here. I think overally the German market isn’t that much affected by the US strikes, except fro those who worked on US productions You are now the third or fourth person I‘ve heard of from Greece who migrated to Sweden. Is this a coincidence or this a a particular reason? Are the languages related? Or is the swedish market in dire need of sound recordists or…?
  12. I can’t even count anymore the number of times I‘ve corrected this on sets I worked on. But a second before we start rolling some prop person walks by and „oh this is wrong“ changes it back and we roll.
  13. I think that will happen. The next SuperCMIT (or the one after that) will have AI built in to ignore everything but dialog. Maybe it’ll have a choice of setting like „Dialog“, „Music“, „Ambiance“ or whatever. With several cameras, there will be one mic on each camera and the auto-mixer in the ifb receiver will create a nice mix from that. But, as sound crews are cheap compared to everything else, I think there will be a stronger drive to get rid of the set altogether. Just let AI create the entire movie. It’ll start with movies that are mostly created by computers already, like large chunks of Marvel or animated movies. It‘s possible that audiences will be bored by this fairly soon and we’ll return to more regular film-making and some directors will insist on realism, but the temptation will be huge.
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