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  1. If anything can take our jobs away, I think it will AI. These algorithms that learn a voice with just very little material and can then imitate perfectly. This will become the new ADR and then once directors realize they can completely mould the voice and speach in post exactly to how they want it, that could endanger our jobs
  2. To be honest, I find the insinuation that PSMs would use headphones just because they are the perceived industry standard (over here it would be HD25‘s anyway), or just „because“, a bit offensive. For most of us, we research every piece of kit, including every seemingly benign cable, down to the last component, try alternatives and discuss with colleagues (as evidenced by these pages), before settling on something for good reason
  3. Thank you Larry, that’s very helpful. It pretty much confirms what I have been thinking now. So how come the HM only supplies 42V? Maybe this can be increased for the HMb? This makes me wonder now if the Schoeps CMK641 also sounds better in the 15V mode. I always found it lacking in low end when working off the HM. So now I should probably contact DPA (shame they don’t have a presence here), and ask about the performance of the 4017c at 15V. Thank you as well, Philippe, for this and the kind offer. The noise I am talking about is fairly certainly not handling noise. It sounds more like brown noise. The low cut at the tx is set at 70dB. Still a good filter might help. I am somewhat optimistic that this might be a voltage issue as the sound seems improved with the 15V setting. I would like to try the RF filtered suspenion anyway, though, as I can still imagine this to be helpful with this mic. Thank you!
  4. Thanks, Larry. I actually meant the HM and HMa transmitters. Do those provide the full 48V? I just tried the transmitter set at 15V and this eliminates the awful background noise. I just did a quick test only, though, and I don’t know how reduced the mic‘s specs maybe at this setting, but this could indicate that the mic expects the full 48V at the 48V setting, and won’t tolerate 45V. The tx only has a 15V setting and maybe that works better to supply more than the required voltage?
  5. If I remember correctly, the issue may have been with the tx only supplying 45V. I don’t know why that causes an issue, as most mics are capable of running on even 12V. But I also stopped using Schoeps CMC641 mics, because they sound a bit anaemic through the HM. That may be due to other reasons, though. I was told though that DPA had fixed this on their end and the noise now is different from what it was before, but it’s still unbearable.
  6. Hello, I‘m curious: who here has successfully paired a 4017C with a Lectrosonics HM or HMa transmitter? I know there‘ve been various discussions about this in the past, and I thought that DPA had solved, but just today I tried my third, brand new, C preamp and it’s still terribly noisy. Not as bad as it once was, but clearly too noisy. And it’s not just hiss, there is a lot of lower freq noise. ?
  7. That‘s very true. This was just me thinking out loud. There’s a reason why I don’t build such things and others do. Just hoping to get some cleverness going. Yes!
  8. Certainly I'm not saying it'll be easy. If it were, someone might have done it by now. I daren't venture a guess about universal appeal, but if it did work it could have great appeal... I'm think something that would hold the batteries in the middle, and have a base attached on hinges that could be flipped so that either the base is covered for storage or the top is covered for charging. It would need to be very firm, so that you can slide right into the charger. Maybe that could be a second stage product...
  9. Yes, I agree that 8 seems like a good number, although I am glad I have got the 12-bay version. one other idea. Don’t know if this is at all possible. A while ago I bought the AA charger from East Brooklyn Labs (they posted about it here). The beauty about that thing is that you can simply drop the entire battery caddy into the charger. That caddy is also is good for simply storing the batteries. I know it will be infinitely more difficult to implement with NP-50 batteries, but it would be so cool!
  10. exactly the same situation here, the 888 looks very interesting now. And even better when they release the fader panel before too long...
  11. Maybe that really is all they need? FWIW I have two of them, one on a permanent loan-out which is being used all the time, the other isn’t used much at all, but both perform flawlessly in any condition. Both are a few years old already. I did also notice that Schoeps have really improved the service side of things and have sped up the whole process a lot. I had a weird situation with a Lectro tx a few years ago, which was very noisy. Following my own recommendation I sent it to Ambient, but they couldn’t replicate the fault either and sent it back. So I sent the tx to Lectro myself. They too couldn’t replicate the issue, but they cleaned the tx, changed the keypad amd possibly the LCD and sent it back. Everything was fine, noise gone. So it’s strange sometimes
  12. Hi Joppe, yes, I‘m all fine, thanks! I hope you are too? Your charger, even V1 (?) is still working fine. And it already holds the batteries very firmly. I can shake just as wildly as you are doing in the video so the grip is firm enough, I think. The only thing that could be improved on, I think, is movement left and right once the battery is seated. Something when a batt is not firmly in place but leans left or right it won’t charge. Of course, the lights clearly indicate this and I can correct it then, but still that is the area that I would to see improved
  13. Although, to be honest, just going by the name NeverClip is far worse marketing than 32-bit float. NeverClip makes the claim that it can’t ever clip, which is not true. 32-bit float does not make that claim. It’s simply another, well established, technique.
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