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  1. I don’t believe there is such a thing. Still, with the SD branded cards you‘re still most likely to not have issues. One single issue (that I know of) doesn’t mean much
  2. This is not a maintenance issue. My boom has been doing this since day 1...
  3. Constantin

    New SD 833

    Is it really? If you have a corresponding device, i.e. wireless receiver, with Dante, or a small rack with Dante, similar to but smaller than the A10 rack, this would make for a lot less clutter (and weight) in your bag, plus control is much easier than with AES via Dante. So I don’t think Dante is the no brainer for the bag. It just needs a bit of a push by a recorder company, and possibly a wireless mic company, too...
  4. I think what’s more important is the 140dB dynamic range. That is similar to what the new MixPre IIs can do and it means that with many mics the entire dynamic range can be converted. So there probably won’t be any analog gaining on the recorder, only in the digital realm. This is especially useful when hard-wiring mics...
  5. What I don’t understand is, why you want to alter the mic you profess to like so much? Don’t you think it’ll change the sound? When you do tape up your mic, consider two things: where is the capsule and what will happen to the polar pattern. Please let us know how it went
  6. April 2017. it’s also a 3-section Maxi. And I think it’s less a creaking sound and more, like you described it in your original post - a kind of clong or maybe a thud or a knock. Very annoying. It’s a shame as I really liked the poles, they ooze quality...
  7. Yes, a link would be interesting. I seem to be having the same problem with my Panamic pole. I have stopped using it, although I love the feel of it
  8. To keep sync for a long time without the need to re-sync? It can be synced to other devices - via a Sync E. Anyway, it would of course be really cool if it could indeed output TC. We just need to wait and see I‘m afraid
  9. As I understand it you sync them via the smartphone app or you use them unsynced. Not sure if they can output TC. I would think no, because they would’ve emphasized it more and it would kind of take away most reasons to buy an actual Sync E (as I‘ve heard they cost the same)
  10. As I understand it, Zaxcom patented the way the two outputs are combined into one coherent sound. I‘m pretty sure that employing two converters cannot be patented as that is really old tech
  11. Why? What kind of evil do you envision to emerge from this box?
  12. Yes, as I understand Sound Devices implementation, that is exactly what they did. You do know, it’s the card Sound Devices sell as their own. Sound Devices is a defacto manufacturer of SD cards now. Why do you expect them to effectively advertise for other manufacturers cards? It seems from Paul Isaacs comments that they might still be willing to, but I could certainly understand it if they didn’t
  13. Constantin

    New SD 833

    Wow, that is very impressive! So many new products in such short succession, that’s incredible. The place must be brimming with energy! Or exhaustion
  14. Why don‘t you use the Sound Devices branded cards then? They have already been tried and tested and you can be fairly certain they won’t be counterfeit. And they work...
  15. Which problems did you run into? Say with Denecke? Since they are being highly praised in this thread I would be quite curious. Or with the others?
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