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  1. Well, if you’re sure already... But just to clarify, one of the bandpass filter settings is 470-617MHz..., which seems to fit well
  2. I have no experience with those, sorry. But instead I can highly recommend the Wisycom BFA, which is both a variable filter and an amp with attenuation all in one box. Gain ranges from -12 - +27dB, and I have to say I never knew how valuable the attenuation was before I had it. You have a bandfilter which you can set to various bandpasses depending on your needs. And you can also set a 40mHz window, although I don’t use that. Personally I like that I can easily adapt it as my needs change and that I can so easily change the gain. And all that in a pretty small box, that is ok in a bag and g
  3. Yes, you focus way too much on the numbers, but they are largely irrelevant. Learn to listen to the mics and find out for yourself which mic you like. If you want you can then look at the numbers and try to find out from them what it is you like. Take the Schoeps CMk641, for example. It’s not the mic with the lowest self-noise or the greatest specs, but still it’s a hugely popular and well regarded mic
  4. I don’t think this 2nd transmitter thing is necessary at all. So far what I’m doing is personalize transmitters, lavs and straps as much as possible. Currently, we have exactly as many roles as I have transmitters so it works out fine, but even if it’s more characters I‘ll try to keep a set per role amd clean everything when it changes to another role. Right now my procedure is to disinfect or wash my hands, I put on one-way gloves and then a N95 mask (I wear glasses so I don’t put in a shield). Then I‘ll wire the actor, then gloves off, disinfect hands, new gloves, next actor and so on. Sa
  5. It’s always a bit of a gamble with rf...
  6. No, I was just exclusively stating that I think it’s stupid to say „the sun is stronger than any other radiation so we don’t need to worry about any other radiation“ That is a stupid argument and akin to whataboutism.
  7. Versaflex has a mask that supposedly prevents fogging. It dies work ok, but the mask is not very comfortable to me, plus the size M I got was very large, so I can’t really work with that mask. If you find the right size it may work fine. Plus you‘d be supporting one of „our“ manufacturers
  8. I‘ve used block C for years without any issues. Parts of it have now been reallocated to LTE, but there is also a significant duplex gap, I think from 734 to 753MHz that can be used and is fairly sage from future reallocations. Block GB and B have also been working ok for me, but it all depends on where In Germany you are.
  9. You missed my point almost entirely.
  10. Then say this. The above is a far stronger argument than saying the sun is so strong anyway, everything else is negligible.
  11. So basically we don’t need to worry about any other kind of radiation at all? I can’t believe this tedious discussion popped up again, but I won’t add much, said it all a few years ago. Except this: I hate every contribution to a discussion that says: we have so much of this one thing and it’s so overwhelming we don’t need to bother with anything else whatsoever. Like climate change deniers (or apprehensionists). When you say to them: if you stop flying it would save so much pollution, they‘ll just reply that there is no point, because everyone else is flying anyway, so it makes n
  12. As always this really comes down to personal taste. Out of those three companies, DPA, Schoeps, Sennheiser, they are the top of the crop and hard to beat - in my opinion. The Schoeps CMXY possibly didn’t sound open, because of the XY config. Try two separate mics with omni or cardioid capsules in a wider array. They are hard to beat, I think.
  13. You could look into getting the mmp-gr preamp for your 4018 capsule. DPA preamps are relatively low-priced, so it won’t break the bank. The performance is a bit reduced with this pre, but it‘ll still be better than most lavs. With the MicroDot connector you can use the new Tentacle track-e recorder with the mic, or the Lectro pocket recorder. With the Track-E you have the advantage of 32-bit float, so you won’t need to worry about gain too much. You will just need the matching microdot adapter and move the mic between different recorders/cameras, etc., or use the c or b preamp for high quali
  14. I had low level weirdness, too, on one of my preamps, but it was the C preamp. After sending it back and forth a few times it eventually worked. It‘s worth bearing in mind that the 4017B requires 4.5mA, and some transmitters only provide 4mA. In practice that shouldn’t matter much, but it could contribute to the issue. The C preamp only draws 2.8mA...
  15. I‘m unable to download the file at the moment, but digital wireless interference can also be caused by other gear on set, such as a Teradek (although I have never actually had digital interference from a Teradek), or a phone. If it were some of your gear the noise probably wouldn’t be intermittent, whereas with other gear it comes and goes as you move closer and further away. I have three 4017s and none of them is prone to any kind of rfi.
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