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  1. Yes, you select AES just lime you would select any input. If you have the SL-2 or XL-AES add-ons you get more AES inputs if needed
  2. NeverClip also only refers to the a/d conversion. But it’s possible the actual preamp before that was overloaded
  3. Just FYI: someone is selling a bunch of MKH30‘s on Facebook. In case you decide to go this route…
  4. No, not at all. The loudest sound pressure a human can tolerate without dying would also be measured at 1m distance, and it’s considerably more than 129dBspl. Having said that the loud scream probably would not be 169dBspl at the lav position, that amount of noise would come out the mouth and at the lav position it‘d be a lot less. But possibly a lot more than than the lav can handle. Bottom line it’s well possible that the lav overloaded
  5. Also, that world record would have been measured at a distance. Unfortunately, they don’t usually mention where they measured this, but the standard measurement is at 1 meter distance. You lav sits at 1cm. Every doubling of distance halves the sound pressure, which equates to 6dB. So what may be fairly loud at 1m distance can easily cause an overload at the lav position. So 129dBspl at 1m equates to about 169dBspl at 1cm
  6. Regardless which one you choose, you will need a special cable if you want to feed a transmitter, so I think it makes no difference. If overall size is your concern you might actually be better off with the CMC1 XLR as the Lemo connector is quite long and afaik there is no right-angled version. With a very low profile XLR connector the XLR version might actually be smaller. Unless you get the Cinela mount for a CCM where the Lemo is integrated, that might be smaller than the corresponding XLR version.
  7. I thought buying the extra 19mm holder and keeping the 20mm (or 21mm?) was actually quite useful, in case I ever want to mount my CMC1 in there...
  8. This looks pretty cool and ticks a lot of boxes. If I were a Zaxcom user I would strongly consider this. yes, but here they are basically a part of the enclosure and cannot be removed
  9. If you know what you want you can also order them online anywhere in the EU
  10. Technically he is not splitting the signal, he is merging two separate signals into one stereo connector I doubt it‘ll be much better with your own cable. The bleed is likely to happen either in the stereo plug or the camers itself
  11. What do you do for wind protection though? I find the original foamie from DPA falls off occasionally and isn’t really very useful. That’s why I switched to the Cosi…
  12. Yes, I was wrong that the Cosi XS is for the MiniCMIT. It is actually meant for the Schoeps CMC1 preamp with capsule. It’s not on that list above (I don’t know why) and while the Cosi-S-19 is the official Cosi for the 4018c, I find it too large and have found the XS to be a much better fit, and it’s even a little bit shorter. https://www.gothamsound.com/product/cosi-cmc-1-windshield-kit
  13. No. The mic holder inside the Cosi is completely different. Yes, and more. You can do fast swings with it, be protected from any sudden wind, and use it outdoors in light to medium wind. your last question is mostly the same as above. Do not get the b preamp. The c is perfect. Keep it small. Get the XS Cosi which is officially designed for the MiniCMIT, but the 4018c fits as well. You just need to get an additional 19mm mic holder, so you can use the smallest Cosi. It’s brilliant
  14. He doesn’t see it yet
  15. Some of it may also be due to the number of processors used in each recorder. You never tire to mention how powerful the 833 is….
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