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  1. Yes, I do. I don’t have a CL-12, so I can’t find that the uncoolest, but I heard that indeed it is pretty uncool. I dislike it, because the faders are noisy (with or without magnets and despite several trips to SD), the rec and stop buttons can be pushed easily by mistake and the encoder push is too noisy (by design, too). And to be cooler it would need more buttons and more pots. I don’t hate it, but as I have so much gear that find really cool, even the one on the last place is still a tiny little bit cool
  2. My coolest piece of gear is my cart. I am so happy everyday for making the effort and taking the (long) time to build it. It’s so flexible and easy to add or remove gear, it’s light and I can sit or stand as I please. 2nd coolest would be my DPA 4017. I can’t help admiring its small size and weight while producing such a great sound and off-axis reduction, so sleek and elegant, too. 3rd is my 788, still so capable. Incidentally, least coolest piece: my CL-9
  3. I was going to recommend this one, too, but Ty beat me to it. So now I‘ll just second his recommendation. It’s a pretty useful stereo bar, and in addition to ORTF it can also be used (and has markings) for X/Y, MOS, NOS, and Blumlein. I like it, but I didn’t remember it to be quite so expensive.
  4. For all of us. Well, summer anyway... All my work has now been indefinitely postponed, but still supposed to be shot some day. Same for 98% of productions here in Germany. I have to say that this came a bit late. This thing kept hurtling towards us in slo-mo but clearly inevitably. Yet the reactions and measures also happened in slo-mo, even though everyone knew what was going to happen
  5. It may not be hurricane proof, but I‘ve had great success with it in heavy rains, including artificial downpours. It’s important to angle it down a bit, though, as that is where the water escapes
  6. I think by far the easiest way to do this is to record sound directly to the camera. Use an external mic which you can place outside the camera box. But this is extremely easy, although perhaps not the best possible quality. Alternatively, the only other option I can come up with would be to use a Sound Devices 788 or 744. they have the option to switch on when external power is supplied and start recording immediately. I‘m not very familiar with all the options of the GH5. Does it have a power out? If this only works when the camera is on you could feed the output to the recorder. Or somehow integrate it with you motion sensor. This would still be a fairly simple option and for the moment all I can come up with. Regarding rain protection: don’t use a roof, it sound bad. Also, use hog‘s hair or similar to reduce the noise of rain hitting your camera box. Use a Sennheiser MKH series mic, they are virtually waterproof. Put it in a good wind protection rig and get or build something like the Remote Audio Rainman. Angle the rig at a slight downward angle, so the water can pour out. Again, place some hog‘s hair on the ground where the water would land to dampen the sound
  7. I‘ve had a job of 45 days postponed by a week - so far. I feel like they‘ll delay it even further, but it’s difficult to guess. Germany‘s already been badly hit and the prod company wouldn’t want to be seen as ignorant - I think. And a lot changes within a week, so cancellation will get more likely. 45 days of missed work will be a real pain, though. Even if they postpone it, it’ll clash with other projects. Winter/spring 21 is going to be really busy. Or maybe it won’t be, because a lot of companies will be broke. you know, I‘m not a doctor and there are a lot of wild and less wild theories out there about this virus. As you may know, children hardly get affected if at all. One (amongst many) working hypothesis for this is that their immune systems are actually less capable and don’t attac the virus as much. Whereas with grownups their immune system goes into overdrive and thereby damages the lungs. Or something like that. I don’t know, it seemed to make a lot more sense when they were explaining it on the radio than it does now. Point is, artificially boosting your immune system has never been shown to be helpful for healthy adults.
  8. so you’re trying to get from 833 to camera with an AES signal? You need to change your OUTPUT setting then, not the INPUT. The input stays analog. Depending on your setup, tone from the recorder will get sent to ALL outputs. It’s not meant as a signal flow check, it’s meant as line up. For signal flow tone use the tone generator in your wireless receiver, for example
  9. they had to withdraw the older unit. Lawsuit issue...
  10. and yet you keep coming back. You don’t regret it, you enjoy it - on a strange level
  11. Well, I can’t read through this old thread now, but with Lectros it’s always best to set them at their highest value. It differs from rx to rx, but everything that is not the highest will just be padded down. apart from that, gain staging the tx is not always easy, you have to find the best compromise and it can vary from scene to scene, actor to actor, and mic to mic. There is a good starting point in the manual
  12. I did know this. It’s just that your previous comment seemed to indicate that you were regretting to have come here. Funny that you would quote that, because it had nothing to do with you. It wasn’t even directed at you
  13. No, there’s no Genlock on the Alexa XT. I find it strange, because everything is there: there an unused BNC input called „Sync In“ and two Alexas can be synced to sensor synced operation, but no Genlock...
  14. I don’t think any manufacturer requires the use of Wireless Designer or FreqFinder. Personally, I use the latter to keep track of who has what and is where, not so much to coordinate frequencies. The speed of the Nova system however is envy inducing
  15. One thing I learned from the current situation and kind of knew all along: a situation may completely change within just a very few days. So whatever they tell you, may not have any value 24 hours later
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