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  1. I personally like to have it all in one thread, I see that as one of the advantages over Facebook, but a new thread also has its merits. why don’t you start a new one?
  2. I am pretty sure that they do do that. At least according to the manual, I have to admit that I never tried it. I understand, and I don‘t want to convince you otherwise. But I do want to clarify, maybe for the benefit of someone else, too. While the app makes it easier to set up the Tentacles it is not required to keep it running throughout the day and, ss pointed out above, the Tentacles can be set up and used without an app. So you definitely don’t depend on it.
  3. That‘s probably one of these rumours that just have a way of their own to get around even though they are false, just because someone misunderstood something. So no re-sync needed once set up for the day. But you do have to sync them one in the morning, which is also a good opportunity to check each device’s status, like if they are all fully charged…
  4. I use the DeWalt tstak system. My entire follow cart consists of it. I can adapt it to every job, because I can add more drawers if needed or remove some if not. The top is a tool case and if I have to go away for wiring it takes 2 seconds to remove it from the rest and then take it with me. There are no pictures on the website unfortunately, and I don’t have any with me, but there are two compartments on top in the lid where I keep all the small parts and tape and so on. The main compartment holds the transmitters and straps. I can also take the drawer case below that with me - they can
  5. Yes, digital audio lines are far less susceptible to interference like that. You could also try any of the digital mics available and install them. You could ask them to run your cables outside of the tube on the top, with the electrical cables inside at the bottom (hopefully). This may give you enough distance to not create a problem, especially with digital signals. I was in a similar situation a few years ago, but disbanded the idea of hanging mics there when I heard the noise the light rig was making. Totally pointless to mount mics there. You should check that out before going to an
  6. That‘s about the last time I ever supplied sound to a camera of any kind. For that reason and the various other reasons mentioned by Jeff and Glenn, I don’t like the slot-in format. Every aspect of it is a compromise and that’s rarely good. And it’s kind of strange that it became something if a standard format, when it was inly really intended as a camera receiver. Of course, now that we have all these accessories for it, it doesn’t seem like it’s going away soon. I‘m glad to see Lectro have introduced a new receiver that is not slot compatible, and perhaps Shure are going this wa
  7. Hi Joppe, I need another one as well! I think I kimd of mentioned that before, but as of my last job I am now sure: I need a second small charger of yours. Please add me to the list, thanks!
  8. Don’t know about plug-on mics. Those I‘ve heard are not great. something like the DPA mma-a is much better. Better still would be a MicPre with any mic of your choice
  9. You can also go the easy (lazy?) way and not scan your frequencies all the time. If all frequencies within a group are coordinated then you set them on your receivers and then just look at your receiver display first thing in the morning. If there is no big interference visible you‘re good to go. Then you just need to re-scan the one channel that might be causing issues when in use.
  10. Of course, that is the model to get, unless you want more features which the TinySA doesn’t have either
  11. Is there a specific reason for you to use channel groups? You can use apps like FreqFinder to keep track if you transmitters and to coordinate them - as we discussed elsewhere. Yeah sorry, so the difference is around €100, I looked at the 433 band version. And I saw TinySA for around €50, RFExplorer basic package sells for €146.
  12. So the Sony cannot scan its own entire spectrum? That’s weird. The tiny SA doesn’t seem to be primarily intended for frequencies above 350 MHz, so I‘d say it’s not ideal. Since all devices discussed in this thread are not exactly high end devices, I would steer clear of the one that says itself that it’s not meant for scanning your main freq range. I mean, is it because of €55 price difference?
  13. Well, Audio Ltd. is there already. But of course it comes at a totally different price.
  14. That is absolutely not the case. While you don’t need a license anymore and thus have to pay no fee, the spectrum is otherwise still very much regulated. For example, the max transmit power remains at 50mW and only professional users are allowed to use this spectrum
  15. If one frame drift in 24 hours is your biggest worry then you have no problems. The batteries in these things „only“ last about 12 hours, so in theory you should never have more than 1/2 frame drift. You will never get sample accurate operation with mere tc, if that’s what you’re hoping for. If you add in a camera the best you can hope for is anything within +/- 1 frame anyway in any given take.
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