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  1. That may be true, but in the case of Lectrosonics the dynamic range exceeds that of 16-bit, so it must be more than that. Of course, that doesn’t mean no compression is going on, but I also seem to remember that Karl Winkler once stated that their digital range does indeed transmit at 24/48, but they are not advertising that fact. Nevertheless, what you say about the Sony system sounds quite interesting and I would really like to try it one day
  2. No, it doesn’t. As far as I‘m aware, most of the things you’re proposing for your test are not possible in the recorder. With an 8-series that might be different. And while I have a MixPre 10 (without NA) I am not interested in this particular test. An AB comparison might be interesting, so I can hear what NA does, but I am not interested to „objectively discern the integrity of the algorithm“. I just want to know what it sounds like
  3. Uploading to a cloud was possible before Viviana Cloud. It may have become simpler and more convenient now, and possibly faster, but not altogether new
  4. then get another blimp. You will probably need that eventually anyway. Find a used one. Should you want to sell it one day, your loss will be minimal. I didn’t say get those Schoeps mics, that’s just what I use. Sure, for starters get another NTG2. It’s not the ideal mic for your application, but it’s good enough for trying things out amd to get you going. You can always upgrade later. You can also experiment with which setup you like more, like XY, sort of ORTF, sort of AB, and whatever else
  5. I haven’t got a rack cart, but something more like an 8020 type setup. I removed the two columns of the Scorpio, those on the left and right front. I used the bottom holes from that to screw it to the front profile. And I used the thread to the rear to attach a metal bar which extends to the rear where there is another profile to which I bolted that. I think I could roll my cart down a mountain and the gear would still stay in place.
  6. To get a stereo image out of a single windshield is quite limiting, especially if it’s for nature recordings. you could buy an MS rig of any type, including MS mics, and most of these will fit into the Rode. but I personally much prefer two separate mics for ambience and other nature recordings. Spaced out a bit or more. I have an ORTF rig for this, based on Schoeps CCM4 mics amd these will also fit into a single windshield. But I‘ve also used two cardioid or omni mics of various manufacturers. With a simple slip-on fur this will work for most situations. And you can space these as close
  7. Yes, exactly. A mini HDMI wouldn’t even take up much space. X3 has the DVI port, so that’s something in favour of the X3...
  8. Yes, exactly. Just like the SuperSlot integration of the SL-2 for Sound Devices Recorder
  9. The screen is a definite disadvantage of the 8-series. The CL-16 screen somewhat mitigates that, but only if you have it and can use it. I always thought the removable front panel of the Deva 24 was a brilliant idea, and I hoped Scorpio would get something similar or at least the possibility of an external display. I guess the tablet option is SDs version of that idea, but for me that doesn’t really work well. I would want a clone of the display without any controls, just a large screen. Just to clarify: all of this works on the 8-series, too. No need to use an iPad.
  10. I was faced by the same choice last year, so I tried both the X3 with Cantaress and the Scorpio with CL-16 for a few days each. There are many reasons to chose one or the other and both are definitely great recorders. I eventually settled on the Scorpio, but the X3 has features which I am missing now, such as play & record. From the price difference between the two recorders I bought a MicPre10 with which I can also facilitate play&record. Here are some other considerations, which tipped the scales for me. These are fairly personal and I‘m sure do not apply to everyone:
  11. Well, I almost exclusively shoot on location and there’s rarely a wifi for us. I‘m not asking for the homeoweners password as that is neither polite (uploding several gigs of files via their wifi), nor safe. Could use a phone hotspot and it would quickly eat through my monthly plan. Still, wifi access is good, but I propose that you consider a universal sim card in your next update. It can choose any availble service provider worldwide, but it’s fairly expensive. But I could bill the production company for it, because they would the ones asking for it. I would far prefer that to using my
  12. Alright, @Turi soundfish, that’s quite interesting, thanks. Couple more questions: where does the internet connection come from and who pays for it? And what happens if the connection is lost, or I need to move and resume upload later?
  13. It’s a cool idea, but I have yet to encounter a production company tuat would allow me to upload a significant number of files to Dropbox. @Turi soundfish can you outline what your box can do that I can’t do now by connecting my phone directly?
  14. That‘s a very well designed system, well done!
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