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  1. Why not post about it here? Someone else might have had the same issue and could help you quickly and yet someone else might also benefit from a solution and... it’s kind of the point of this discussion.
  2. check out Audiosense in Belgium. They tend to have them in stock. It seems to have become more difficult to ship rechargeables overseas, by plane, but I think that mostly refers to lithiums, but I‘m not sure. UPS won‘t fly them anymore, but FedEx for example will.
  3. It’s a workable solution, but I would never ask a director or anyone else to carry all this around this all day. Might be ok for a boom op, but even for them I would try to avoid. They are (in my case) already carrying the receiver and the return transmitter. Spending money on the Comtek/IEM equipment is not really exciting, but I think it’s best to present a pretty simple and neat solution
  4. yes, I just wish Lectro hadn’t come up with the Lemo for their SSMs. Depending on circumstances I choose different tx for the 4098, so I‘m stuck with the MicroDot. That said, my experience with the MicroDot isn’t that bad...
  5. Larry has posted here extensively about NP50 batteries. Might be worth digging that up., From my own experience, I have settled on using the Lectro branded batteries exclusively. They last a bit longer than regular FujuFilm battieries. Very happy with them. Used them with Zaxcom ZMT phantom transmitter, but now only Lectro SSM‘s
  6. So when you turn it off normally the setting stays as well? What about when the blue light stops blinking? Is the setting lost then as well?
  7. yes, that’s right. color coding could work indeed, but you always always need to have two caddies with you. I think the other caddies should work ok. Don’t they even advertise those? The contacts in the charger are springs which you squeeze quite a bit as you close the charger so contact should be good. I do have other caddies, but I never tried them in this charger. Maybe I should. But it‘ll have to be next year...
  8. I didn’t, but for me it kind of defeats part of the purpose, or you need to find anither flexible system to mark the caddy as full/empty. Otherwise you’ll have to take all batts out and reverse them
  9. still the same for me. The little plastic strip you can take off to change direction of the batteries - one of the great ideas of this product - breaks fairly easily. It also wears out quickly and then falls off. And then it’s harder to know if the caddy you have there is full or empty. You can buy 5 replacement caddies for $25, but it’s not a very eco friendly solution if you have to buy new caddies every few months. It may be different for others, but for me it’s not too great. that notwithstanding, I still actually really like this charger and keep using it
  10. Ok, that’s possible, I don’t know. In that case, I would like to reiterate Larrys recommendation Moreover, basically everything he wrote in this thread
  11. To „not particularly care“ and and not „mind at all“ are two very different things. I would mind, and I have minded when I found out that Zoom call the H4n „the gold standard in portable recording“. It’s a blatant lie, they themselves sell better products. Sure, where actual features are concerned it’s more upsetting, but we‘ve also seen our favourite manufacturers do it with other features which never happened, so why should I care more here than in any other instance? Especially when this lack of a feature is so easily replaced. But - is this discussion about helping the OP or is it about my indifference toward a TC feature?
  12. there‘s no „of course“, because your next sentence suggests you think it’s about the battery, but it isn’t, per se: it’s about the tx and how it behaves with different batteries in terms of rfi, emi, and whatever else, but not really runtimes. If they put more battery types in the manual that becomes an official recommendation and they need to show that the tx stays within parameters. That’s where that lab comes in. Don’t know about US, but in the EU that is basically a government regulation (ETSI).
  13. It‘s not a battery test, it’s a transmitter test (for FCC and CE marking purposes), which apparently needs to be repeated with each battery type. And... perhaps... I should let Larry get this. are these perhaps a littler older, may a year or so? Check the settings, especially power, with regards to battery life. On 50mW I get exactly 8 hourse on Nimh in an SMQV. I would be really surprised if a the newer tx couldn’t match that. Also try if in your setting you can get by on 30mW. That should definitely get you through the 6 hour mark
  14. so you agree that suggesting gear worth more than 5 times the OPs budget is kind of pointless... I don’t particularly care if the phrase is rendered meaningless or not. Nowadays, it’s extremely simple to work with AudioTC, just as or almost as simple as regular TC. Whether a recorder has or doesn’t have TC should absolutely not be a decisive feature in that kind of scenario. It may be different in a professional context. I think in the OPs context the difference between a MixPre3 and Zoom H4n in terms of quality and physicality is not big enough to justify the price difference. This price difference would be much wiser spent on a decent microphone, or even two. A recorder will likely get replaced, once you know what you need. A good mic can last a lifetime, and has a much bigger impact on sound.
  15. No, but you can record AudioTC on tracks 3/4 In the grand scheme of things the OP only has $1000 to spend, so a difference of more than $400 I think needs to be well justified. And from what I can tell the OP would already benefit greatly from the Zoom, especially if he pairs that with a better mic and other improved gear. Certainly if it’s only about two recorders the MixPre3 is by far the better choice
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