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  1. Constantin

    sound blankets berlin

    That might be possible, but in those situations where I‘m setting up the blankets at the last moment (which sometimes happens) every step would be a major step. I rarely have a chance to use more than two of these blankets. So if you only had two that would cover a lot of situations and the high price of buying them (e.g.) at NoyzBoyz is less relevant. It’s not like you need to replace them once a year
  2. Constantin

    Np50 chargers

    This is a generic charger found on Amazon: And this is the one from Sound Guys. Maybe not identical, but both look very cheap And IME the Amazon one doesn’t always reliably charge the battery. Sometimes it shows full when it isn’t
  3. Constantin

    Np50 chargers

    I have that charger WrineX introduced in that thread and so far I have to say it works really very well. And it reduced the clutter in my charging drawer considerably. I had ten individual chargers, now I have just the one. It also has a much better grip on the battery. The way you slot the battery in is far more robust than on the other chargers where the batteries sit in upright. I had a look at at the Sound Guys Solution charger and to be honest I find it looks pretty cheaply made. It looks like they put together just a few dual-slot chargers into one larger unit. That may be unfair as I‘ve only seen it online. Anyway, I can thoroughly recommend Joppes charger
  4. Constantin

    sound blankets berlin

    Yes, but he was specifically enquiring about Sound blankets in Berlin
  5. Constantin

    sound blankets berlin

    No international shipping Although here the white side could be useful
  6. Constantin

    sound blankets berlin

    Plus shipping you‘ll have to quadruple that price at least, these things are heavy. Also, I can’t tell from your pictures if they are the same thickness. Back when I was looking for mine, I had not been able to source these blankets somewhere nearby. Those blankets Matthias linked to are all black, but having the white alternative is worth a lot.
  7. Constantin

    sound blankets berlin

    Do they need to be in Berlin? I got mine from NoyzBoyz in the Netherlands. They‘ll ship them to you in Berlin
  8. Constantin

    Alexa Mini TC sync

    So is this different than the Anglissimo plug they‘ve been having for a long time?
  9. Constantin

    Zaxcom Nomad timecode delay

    The usefulness of this function is not dependent on the manufacturer. I believe if you read this thread there already is a good reason for this, hence my bringing it up. Generally to troubleshoot, I suspect. Personally, I never use it, though. Might be because I don’t use a 633 and my timecode devices have not had issues yet
  10. Constantin

    Zaxcom Nomad timecode delay

    I don’t know if Nomad is doing this, too, but the 633 has a TC comparison where it compares an incoming tc to the internal one and shows the difference in frames
  11. Constantin

    Zaxcom Nomad timecode delay

    Yes that would be cool, but it also wouldn’t be necessary, only the tc reader would need to be accurate enough and display any discrepancies between both tc streams as such. A simple tc comparisons option would also be nice. Such as the one on the 633...
  12. Constantin

    Zaxcom Nomad timecode delay

    If it’s display latency why isn’t it late for both TCs shown above in the picture?
  13. Constantin

    UltraSync BLUE - Timecode over Bluetooth from TCS

    How do you sync the UltraSync Blue? Can they sync to a regular UltraSync unit? Generally speaking, in many scenarios you only really need one Tentacle TC box. Most (semi-) professional recorders will hold sync just fine on their own
  14. Constantin

    Needing help with the Neumann kmr 81i switches

    Why? If you cannot determine by listening to the different positions, why would you even need them? Just leave them as they are
  15. Constantin

    Needing help with the Neumann kmr 81i switches

    So you are using a KMR82 on instruments? The long one? Which instruments specifically?