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  1. Does it need to be MS? I think for ambiences there are nicer sounding setups and for fx the side is probably mostly not really needed as Jez mentioned above...
  2. Sorry for your loss, may he RIP
  3. yes, I think you‘re right. Don’t know what I was thinking. Or why
  4. it’s for powering AES 42 mics. I don’t think pin 10 is an in or out, it simply provides power. Apparently it provides 10-18V, but only 10V are needed for AES42, so my bet would be that you can use it to power other things
  5. That and the overdub feature it would be better than any other recorder
  6. There is: tell them you won’t start working until they are absolutely certain that they have picture lock. Charge extra when they do make changes
  7. Wow that Hollyland thing is incredibly feature rich, very cool! I‘ve been considering getting a second IDX system I mentioned above, but this might be better as it has the Accsoon built in, cool!
  8. No, I use a regular monitor, which is the Blackmagic Duo. They’re fine for me, usually bright enough, although in really bright sunlight perhaps not enough. At that point though, I cannot read my shiny iPad anymore at all. I work maybe 50-60% outdoors. But I am always on location, hardly ever in a studio. No, just by using them. Range is decent. Not as good as Teradek for sure, but much better than the Accsoon. They have more expensive systems, too, which may improve range as well, but I don’t know. I am usually not too far away from video village so it’s rarely an issue.
  9. Yes, this. I have both the Accsson and IDX transmitters there. Video ops are usually accommodating as it means they don’t have to worry about my video feed anymore
  10. I too have the Accsoon system, but it streams to idevices when I want my picture on my monitor. But I use it to send tue picture to my boom-op who can see it on his watch. Range however is usually terrible. I refuse to pay the kind of money a Teradek system demands just to watch a video feed. So instead I bought a IDX CW 3 https://idxtek.com/products/cw-3 Price is much better and range and picture is by far good enough for me. And it uses the Lectro type screw on power connector, so I had all the cables already.
  11. Actually, I believe the shipping weight is listed as 1.5kg (don’t know the Lbs equivalent). Whatever it may say there, the measured weight remains at 0.66kg
  12. Can you link to these specs? I can’t find them anywhere. I weighed my set and they come in at 660g, about half of the weight you mentioned
  13. Turns out if may be similar on mine. At least when I tried the XLRs just now, output 3 is unregulated and the Scorpio is happy running off that one it seems. Most of the Hirose are regulated, too, but I can’t test them all at the moment. Anyway, it’s good to know that this can be specified at the time of purchase - if you’re not in a hurry like I was
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