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Pro Tools export timecode offset


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This seems like an old problem because I found discussions about it on DUC but I was unable to find an actual solution, curious if I’m missing it somewhere. Files I record on my Zaxcom nova, I bring into ProTools and spot to original Timestamp. Make a few modifications and export. When I bring the original file and pro tools exported file into wave agent, The timecode is offset by a small amount between original vs newer pro tools export in a few seconds/frames. Is there a newer solution possibly to exporting accurately time stamped files in pro tools that i may have missed somewhere?

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From memory, and AFAIK, PT export / render introduces a tiny bit of delay. (At least some time ago.)
Could it be that the altered timestamp is to compensate for that?
(That's easy to check, just import the exported file, sync on timestamp and see if there is an offset. If not, all is well.)

For changing the timstamp, wave agent can do it (if it's not RF64), QTchange can do it also, and in batch / automated by using the 'save / load attributes' option.
(It's not that difficult, since the files 'should' always start at a round second, so no need for adding / deducting a few samples, let the software do that math.)


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Does the "Original Timestamp" match the "User Timestamp" for the clip you are exporting?

I haven't looked for documentation about what is supposed to happen but I have wondered if the User Timestamp may be the one that gets written into the WAV file when exporting.

The User Timestamp can be edited, I think it shows up in the same dialog used to rename a clip.



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