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Your Ideas for a Sound Cart Design


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I am about to design sound cart kits. It would require some user assembly, but be less costly. I would like to hear from sound mixers what features you would like. I am planning a narrow cart about 18" wide, and one for rack mount. It will come standard with Split handles, front locking casters, and 2 boom pole holders.  Planned options include slide out shelves, cable hooks, folding wings, retractable headphone holder, Pelican LiFE Battery brackets, and monitor mount.

Areas I could use input:
1) The size of the T-slot profiles. I am currently using 2550 (1x2") vertical  member, & 2525 (1x1") for horizontal frames.
2) Black or Clear anodized finish (as seen in photos below).
3) Would you be willing to pay more for carbon fiber surfaces?
4) Would you like built in antenna masts?
5) Sized to fit drawer units like Milwaukee PACKOUT, Dewalt Toughsystem, or Makita Makpac.
6) Built in antenna mast (telescopes from the middle of the T-slot profile, max height is 7' as seen in photo below).

The photos below is a prototype that is 18" wide including the folded wings. It is designed around the Makita Makpac drawers. 

Sound Cart-03.jpg

Sound Cart-01.jpg

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Nice design! The use of the Makita drawers looks great. I was thinking to make something similar around the Milwaukee packout system. 

I'm hoping they'll do a 19" version of their packout at some point. 


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