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Wiring pin 3 on XLR F to senny xmit


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I read somewheres that pin 3 should be tied to pin 1 ground, or floated all together for certain devices, saying that the cable can act as an antenna, etc.  Cant seem to find an answer to one or the other as to which is best when wiring cables for senny transmits as camera links. Anyone have any insight? And on that note, any info on what to do with pin 3 in general umbalanced connections?


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I don't know a lot about this but it all comes under the heading of "pseudo-balancing" depending on the wiring of the interconnect cable. To pseudo-balance a 2 wire (unbalanced) connection, usually pin 1 is tied to pin 3. There is no guarantee that this cable will even pass signal to some gear depending on how their input or output is wired internally. It may work and solve problems, it may not work at all or it may be seen as a dead short and cause problems. I have found that I have to experiment --- making up cables that tie pin 1 and 3, cables that use only pin 1 and pin 2, cables that use pin 2 and pin 3. I know this is not scientific and if I knew a but more about wiring and electricity in general I could probably get it right the first time.

-  Jeff Wexler

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The inputs/outputs on the G2/3 are 2 wire unbalanced. The way to make an input/output cable for the Sennheiser G2/3 units is to jump/connect pin 1 & 3 in the xlr. Then you connect pin 1 (ground) to the 1/8" TRS ground and pin 2 (positive) to the tip. I've yet to find an xlr input/output that would not accept that configureation.


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