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Zaxcom Stereoline Tx Input


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Hi all

Does anyone have definitive wiring info to put together at TA5 to Stereoline input cable.

Want to trim down my sundry cables with new 788T. I'm currently using adaptors to get where I need to be and was going to knock up something on the weekend

Any info would be great


There is a users manual with input wiring on the Zax website. It's the Stereoline transmitter users manual-39.pdf. While it does offer various wiring diagrams for different mics and line inputs, none of the pins are numbered although the wiring is most likely shown from the solder side the keyway will help to orient which pin is which.


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Hey Chris, here's how's mine wired, from a 442 at Line level.

XLRL Pin 1 ---  TA5 Pin 1

XLRL Pin 2 ---  TA5 Pin 3

XLRL Pin 3 ---  TA5 Pin 2

XLRR Pin 1 ---  TA5 Pin 1

XLRR Pin 2 ---  TA5 Pin 4

XLRR Pin 3 ---  TA5 Pin 5

Double checked on two different cables. Mind them fumes;-)

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yes you need to double check ta5 for sta150 it is pin 4 ch2 -ve and pin 5 +ve not the same as a normal 5 pin stereo mic wiring, cable i received was pin 4 +ve and pin 5-ve and ch1 and ch 2 were out of phase, in zaxcom manual sta ta5 is pin1 earth, pin 2 ch +ve, pin 3-ve, pin 4 ch2-ve, and pin 5 ch2 +ve..while we are on zaxcom wiring anyone know what wiring is for tc/audio 3.5mm socket on sta150  cant find it anywhere..is it tip=ch1 only and you cant monitor ch2 at all?, posted on zaxcom users group but no reply so far..



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Thanks for all the responses BUT I have the older unit using 4 pin Lemo. So I'm afterpin details to go from 788t on TA3 to 4 pin lemo input. I was figuring I would adjust the 788 output to mic level but need to know what goes to which and if any filtering caps are required.


Ah, that's where the confusion is. In your 1st post you said TA5 not a TA3. That's why I asked if you had lav's wired for Lectro's TA5 connection.


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