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When a shoot goes really bad....for the crew....


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I blame the production company for not considering the risk and for not, as a safer bet, seeking permission first.

I've recorded sound many times at Auckland airport, on the tarmac, in planes and at the engineering base.

They are naturally very fussy and even want a list of radio frequencies you may be using.

On one big job there I was using 11 radio mikes plus a headphone system!!

Yes we are always open to the situations that production companies put you in.

Although public liability insurance does not protect any of us from the law, it's

wise to buy it annually to cover your business for accidents on location.


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The conductors on Amtrak are complete asshats with Napoleon complexes about themselves. The ticket guy at the station will make a big deal about how easy going train travel is, you can sit anywhere, walk around, blah blah blah. But ON the train... That conductor might first-thing tell you exactly which car he wants you in, I've even been told which SEAT I had to use (when its open seating) and stuck somebody next to me when half the car is empty. No reason for that.

Try to move elsewhere, even one time b/c I could tell there was something odd about the wheelset under the end of one car (and the AC wasn't working)... And I practically had to fight the idiot b/c he was insisting I had to stay in THAT seat (again, mostly empty train) directly on top of the vibrating wheel in a 85 degree car. Thankfully another conductor walked through and THAT one apparently was senior, understood my concerns, and wasn't an asshole.

I'm certainly willing to be reasonable, but I would like the same consideration in return please? Why the big deal about assigned seating? I'm smart enough to keep my ticket with me, as if that mattered.

Why travel by train when it costs the same as flying? At least with the TSA... The annoyance ends at the door of the plane, rather than bringing it along for the entire ride.

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