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Bob Marts

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The term "portal-to-portal" is sometimes used in our work and I've always thought it refered to billable time or travel expenses with my equipment starting and ending at my door. On a recent job that involved air travel, the producer insisted that portal to portal was defined as airport to airport, and that I was responsible for transportation costs to and from the airport or long-term airport parking.

Would anyone care to give their thoughts on his?

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"Portal to portal" usually applies to location shooting and the time from when you leave your hotel and arrive back at your hotel in figuring the total working hours of a shooting day.

I think in your case the terms should not have been assumed but discussed in advance.

On a recent show I was flown from L.A. to Atlanta the Producer provided a car service to and then from each airport and my travel day included that time.

The rule is never make assumptions, put it all out on the table and find out what each parties' understanding is. Ask in the beginning, all and the worse is that they will say no.

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Portal-to-portal is most often applied in my world to drivers of equipment vehicles (grip/camera trucks, video DIT with the package etc), who are usually on the clock from when they get in the rented truck until they return it or park it at the end of the day. The airport thing, esp parking or transpo to and from are negotiable--the airport is seen as a "location" etc.. If I'm bringing/taking back gear re the airport I feel like I should be transported on the producer's dime, but often there is a good compromise to be had (like a hired van picks everyone up, drops off gear at rental house, drops off crew and their gear etc).

phil p

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another case of "different strokes"...

and thus something that, barring a union contract, should be discussed/negotiated.

"Portal to Portal" typically means from (your) door, until returning to (your) door, but could reasonably be interpreted differently.

It may, or may not include mileage, and other expenses, as well as being on the clock.

" I was responsible for transportation costs to and from the airport or long-term airport parking. "


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If you are asking for what is customary, my experience has always been that I am on the clock from when I leave my house to when I arrive at the hotel (even if it's after a visit to the production office to get a car, etc.) - Taxi or car service is included to and from the airport, and is usually reimbursed from a receipt. But at the location city, transpo or production usually picks me up or drops me off.

On the new Low Budget Agreement, maximum travel time paid is 8 hours.


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