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    I am a sound mixer and sound editor. I work on television and films in Ireland.
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  1. There's not really anywhere good with pro gear from my experience. What are you after?
  2. I can vouch for Cian. He's good people and a damn fine pole swinger.
  3. I'm not based there, but am planning a trip there around that time. Do you know the dates?
  4. What are they offering? And which company is it?
  5. This is tricky, just had the same situation recently. Noise reduction might not get you very far, particularly with a very quiet voice. You want to retain as many frequencies in the voice as possible. The one benefit of the fluctuating nature of the waves is that if you have access to alternate takes and shots, you could be able to find different quiet spots in each one and piece them all together.
  6. Perhaps a mixer would suit your needs better than a new multitrack recorder. Much of my work these days is documentary style for television, and we go straight to camera from the mixer. Boom hard left, radios hard right. The multitrack is usually left in the car. You can source a 2nd hand sqn or 442 for well under 1k. You can always break out the h6 at times where you need isos. With the mixer in front, your dynamic range will increase, as will sound quality. A couple of 2nd hand g3s should come in at around 500 pounds. MKH50 for indoors as suggested by RPSharman, and invest in some good wind protection for this and the lavs. If the wind is hitting your mics, everything else falls down.
  7. Nice one PJ. Congrats on your new purchase, looking forward to reading a report.
  8. Is there much work out there at the moment? I hear there's a bit around the gulf region.
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