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  1. I made a housing (3 mm cardboard) for the M2D2. One side is as short as the machine is, the other three sides are longer to fit the bag and to protect the connectors.
  2. There is progress in the question of changeable stereo width and linking! As you can see in the video, there indeed ist the possibility of changing the width - by toggling (hold toggle) and simultaneously turning the adjacent button. The display then changes from MCS to MS. Sorry for the ugly sound in the video, it was an unforeseen opportunity. IMG_7253 (1).MOV
  3. Yes, it may be true that both machines are designed for different (main) purposes. The way the linked PFL tracks have to be listened to in SD833 in my opinion is a bug, that should be corrected soon.
  4. There is a gain mode and a fader mode in the SX-R4+. In gain mode up to 4 channels can be linked (assignable). No linking possible in fader mode (of the SX-R4+). When I listen to the prefade signal of any linked channel with the R4+, I can hear the signal in both ears, which gives me the opportunity to evaluate the sound.
  5. Yes, Naga, please do so, too. Yes, I have. And the support answered quite quickly. (Quote: “When toggling the PFL, you should hear CH1 (Mid) in the left ear and CH2 (Side) in the right. This is the expected behavior when you PFL into either linked channels.“) Uhm, no. And I even answered to this. (That the expected behavior of a PFL function would be to listen to one channel in both ears in order to evaluate the sound.) As Naga said before, if I monitor the non-MS, it is possible to listen to individual channels with both ears in PFL.
  6. Yeah, or I could take some rubber band and link the faders physically. But honestly, I'd prefer to hear from Sound Devices what their plan about this issue is.
  7. This is not possible with the 8series, because the gain ist fixed when linked. Or, at least, this is what I figured.
  8. Yes, I think the listening to one channel with both ears is the expected PFL behavior. May I ask you if you have managed to alter the width of your stereo recording? I didn't manage - and I had the idea that there is no concept for MS recording in the 833. There was one in the 7 series. In the 6 series, you had to alter the gain of the side channel (which felt like an auxiliary solution). Is there a possibility in the 8series? I did not see one. I have the impression of a misconstruction or at least this is a huge bug that needs to be fixed.
  9. I had the chance to try out the SD833 in a production of three weeks length. I used a MS-microphone and put it to input 1 and input 2, routed the channels to channel 1 and 2, linked them in the menu to MS. When I toggled to PFL, I only could hear the signal on the left side (each channel same result). I would like to hear the PFL signal on both ears, in order to evaluate the sound. Is that a known bug? Have you encountered the same? Is there a work around? Best regards, Jule
  10. I did a battery test with Lectrosonics PDR units (recording). Eneloop black (rechargeable) = 4 hrs Varta alkaline industrial (not rechargeable) = 2 hrs 15 min Varta lithium ultra (not rechargeable) = 6 hrs 30 min
  11. Do you know this already? https://www.apwpt.org/downloads/handoutfrequencies2018.pdf?fbclid=IwAR07A0NW2X7KHNEjFeTrzMpo4TE1unQledLyzjaE_g9dTXG2Rhv7IPnzBuo Best regards.
  12. Hit play and the file list pops up. That's one step into the menu less.
  13. jbuerjes

    Lectro PDR

    I haven't dealt with the files myself, I only heard the complaints afterwards. It was a production for public television in Germany. For myself I draw the conclusion to get TX with recording function. Edit: I wasn't whining by the way
  14. jbuerjes

    Lectro PDR

    But yes. I think the recording function is a step towards automation.
  15. jbuerjes

    Lectro PDR

    I used the Tascam and the PDR to pass through the audio to a wireless. And as long as the people on the bike tour were in the reach of my RX, the audio from the wireless was used. In other cases the audio from the Tascam/Lectro was used. So the recorders were the first stage - and since the pair Tascam to Sennheiser (SK5212) sounded ugly, I wanted another option the following year. And I was pleased with the pair PDR to Sennheiser (SK50).
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