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  1. I did a battery test with Lectrosonics PDR units (recording). Eneloop black (rechargeable) = 4 hrs Varta alkaline industrial (not rechargeable) = 2 hrs 15 min Varta lithium ultra (not rechargeable) = 6 hrs 30 min
  2. Do you know this already? https://www.apwpt.org/downloads/handoutfrequencies2018.pdf?fbclid=IwAR07A0NW2X7KHNEjFeTrzMpo4TE1unQledLyzjaE_g9dTXG2Rhv7IPnzBuo Best regards.
  3. Hit play and the file list pops up. That's one step into the menu less.
  4. jbuerjes

    Lectro PDR

    I haven't dealt with the files myself, I only heard the complaints afterwards. It was a production for public television in Germany. For myself I draw the conclusion to get TX with recording function. Edit: I wasn't whining by the way
  5. jbuerjes

    Lectro PDR

    But yes. I think the recording function is a step towards automation.
  6. jbuerjes

    Lectro PDR

    I used the Tascam and the PDR to pass through the audio to a wireless. And as long as the people on the bike tour were in the reach of my RX, the audio from the wireless was used. In other cases the audio from the Tascam/Lectro was used. So the recorders were the first stage - and since the pair Tascam to Sennheiser (SK5212) sounded ugly, I wanted another option the following year. And I was pleased with the pair PDR to Sennheiser (SK50).
  7. jbuerjes

    Lectro PDR

    I have used the Tascam DR10 and the PDR on bike tours (Tascam the one year, Lectrosonics the following year) and there are worlds between the two devices. The Tascam has a clearly audible limiter and has a clearly higher noise level. And if I am not mistaken, the Tascam doesn't come with a time code function, so there is more work in the post production.
  8. jbuerjes

    Time Code

    Oopsi, I took the “large display" for the timebar app. Sorry.
  9. jbuerjes

    Time Code

    I read the remark about the lag in the "large display" before. And it is not true. If the timebar-display shows a difference of two seconds: a mistake in the syncing process is very likely. May it be wrong cables or other things that went wrong. Lag of 1 frame, yes. Lag of 2 seconds, not very likely.
  10. Hey, you all, thank you very much for your input!! This was helpful for me! Jule
  11. Sorry, no, I am not ruling out the PreMix-series, I am just unsure what this series can do for me with pre-fade-listening and some other features. (I know the series provides pre-fade-listening, I am just unsure, how deep in the menu behind the screen I'd have to look or fumble for this). And I was just not able to follow the different features (provided with different firmwares) in the 3/6/10 machines. I am sure it is a useful recorder, I am not so sure about it being a useful mixing device. But that is just my impression.
  12. It does sound superb! No question about that!
  13. I am not made for the AETA, unfortunately. I tried, the menu blows my brain.
  14. No, the first fader controls your first two channels in the mix, but if you want to change the side signal, you have to move the trim.
  15. Sorry, I mixed up "odd" and "even", because this is a second language to me.
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