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  1. 😥 Very sad. This kind of film-making should be banned you put crew at risk and often the presence of cameras are antagonising. What might have been a peaceful situation can often turn bad just because people feel like their boss might see the show and think they are a felon without any other details present. Sometimes the producers even like to try and play up the action a bit by getting the police to be more dramatic and confrontational in simple traffic stops etc and this is how it can end up. Not good for just law enforcement or for the film-makers only good for the pockets of the producers and the heads of the police force who are paid to facilitate the programme.
  2. The NTG specific Rycote is almost identical to the supershield tested it with my friends supershield and the pods are interchangeable but if I remember it was actually cheaper, and you can buy different sizes pods if you need to accommodate a larger or smaller mic and it's quicker to use than the modular from the snap into place system, I think the modular is aimed towards stuff like MS when you want more than one mic. If you're thinking about spending a little bit more you may want to consider their Cyclone system especially if you are also considering the Cinela products
  3. My wife complained and she doesn't normally notice these things so I guess it's universally accepted as being too loud. But on the creative side the power of it all was really moving, could you get that from a quiet showing not so sure.
  4. Just settled this argument personally myself, and I went with the G3 two main reasons A. sound quality the G3 just sounds better all round, good because I mostly work on films that can be reshot if something goes wrong with the transmission but the quality can't be changed. B. spares, repairs and durability if I need a Cos-11 with G3 wiring it wont be that hard to find, but with the sony wiring it could be a nightmare or the other way round renting a G3 is painless and I can keep using my accessoires. From other people I have heard the battery pack of the Sony is less durable and could break, Pink Noise Systems who sold it to me said they have only ever had like 20 out of 4000 of the G3s they sold come back and only ever for minor reasons like sticky buttons or bent ariels. The question is do you really need the benefits of a true diversity system.
  5. I guess Waves is a good option just for its price, I guess I will have to try out a mix next time I get into a Dubbing Studio.
  6. Hi everyone just a quick question: I dont have enough money to fully set up a surround sound workstation so currently I am making do with my two genelecs and headphones, So I have been looking into Waves NX and also Flux Ircam HEar v3 as a way to send out rough 5.1 mixes, just using headphones, has anybody had experience with either one and if so is it good enough to mix thoroughly or is it only a good guide, I would like to know which is best and if there are any other plugins I should be aware of as well. Thanks.
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