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  1. There are some things I've learned about the zax wireless I don't like, but for the reasons I did get them for I do like.
  2. Zack

    Maxx 2.0

    I for sure am only speaking about firmware.
  3. Zack

    Maxx 2.0

    2.0 will be ready when 3.0 is announced.
  4. Zax used to have an email list for updates and such.
  5. The pitch of the beeps do follow the sample rate with Zaxcom recorders. This has always bothered me for some reason lol.
  6. Well, I think you're going to get some resistance for your idea due to the fact the ERX can be used in different situations than an R1 can.
  7. You can as of now send an audible beep to an ERX using the built in TC slate of the Nomad. When that slate screen is up and you hit the menu knob, it will beep on a specific frame. Not quite what you're looking for, but it's there.
  8. Need to think about it a little further though, because unless your producers that are also monitoring with an ERX from the same audio feed like to hear beeps all the time too, you'll want a second IFB path.
  9. Pretty sure he's asking for a beep from the ERX, or through the IFB audio signal into ERX for such audible queues to camera.
  10. It's a sung fit, but I definitely didn't have to force anything to make fit. Everything is accessible other than the bottom batteries (which I don't use). The only thing that you'll need to do is apply a little downward pressure on the right side golf tee to get the memory card door 100% open (and it's really not that much pressure). When the bag is suspended and you're wearing it, things settle in more as well and looks less "overflowing". My only complaint about this bag and the 633 is there's no security strap really for the mixer from being dumped out like the 614 has. There's a way to do it obviously, but nothing really built into the bag like some other models.
  11. Here's my build with PS607... sweet ride. I'll have a 2nd unit with a Kort bag to show soon.
  12. I've seen a few comments from folks about the supplied screen protector with 664 and 633 units, that are "blurry, or hard to see through them". Please notice there's a thin plastic film you need to remove first that will help with the clarity bit.
  13. Good luck with that....
  14. I shared that same experience with my trx/sta/filter, the CL has pretty much solved all that and more for me.
  15. I think Jack's point was only for the practice of keeping your blocks separated, which is true and makes sense. However, I do see what you're saying, and this is more to do with technical aspects within the different designs.
  16. Are you grabbing the IFB antenna to stop the whine? This is where I've found causing issues, UHF wise everything works properly as long as proper block separation is kept.
  17. Howy has helped me out a lot with requests
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