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  1. What do you know?!? Spill the beans...
  2. The 5x Sennheiser e835 I have for podcasts have been great, especially when the people being recorded are not super audio savvy. Minimal handling and background noise if the room isn't great. Another thing that I have found is that headphones (Sound devices HX-3) for everyone make a huge difference. Instead of me trying to explain what good placement sounds like they can hear it themselves.
  3. So it has finally happened after 11 years. I need a part for my loon boom pole. The top compression collar has worn to the point that is starting to wiggle even when it is fully tight. I realize with the passing of Don this is probably a shot in the dark, but does anyone know of a cache of leftovers or where I might be able to find a substitute? Is this something that a 3d printer could make? Any help would be appreciated, I would really like to keep using this pole if at all possible.
  4. Had this on a fs7 a few years ago. It didn't matter what block you were on everything was affected. The entire range of Zaxcom wideband, multiple Lectro blocks, and wireless follow focus were all severely limited. I lent my RFExplorer to the rental house to verify on their own. They ended up replacing ALL of their BNC cables with better shielded ones. This seemed to fix the spray problem.
  5. Definitely regional, When I lived in LA there was a solid mix of AB and V lock. Now that I am living in Canada, It has been almost entirely V lock. My guess it which tech the larger rental houses decide to support heavily influences what the surrounding market adopts for all the relevant accessories and doo dads.
  6. Oh and forgot to mention to look into a good cross boarder tax person because even if all your income in the future is Canadian you will still need to file US taxes in addition to your Canadian taxes. You will also need to file FBAR and FACTA forms.
  7. Generally speaking you will need a status like "Permanent Resident" to live and work in Canada. You will need essentially 4/5 years as a PR before you can start the citizenship application process. I agree Michael, talking with a immigration lawyer is a smart thing to do. On a practical note, if you are planning on getting married to your fiancée which I assume you are, having that piece of paper saying you are married will make your "status" much clearer in the eyes of the government. When I was applying for PR back in 2010-2011 it took the better part of a year from the time I sent the application in to the time I got my status and was able to work again. Supposedly they have been trying to speed things up, but who knows.
  8. 900CL and RX200 on most jobs.
  9. I had the same whine issue with my 664 and 633 when using the CL900. But in addition to the 2.4 Ghz Zaxnet whine I also get a 600mhz (blk26) whine with the standard whip in the bag. Firmware has made no difference in my situation. Unfortunately I got the same run around with both Zaxcom and Sound Devices. Both whines can be reproduced separately, independently powered, with zero cables connected. Proximity is the only variable that makes a difference. At the end of the day I gave up on Zaxnet and remote the Blk 26 antenna onto my shoulder.
  10. It seems like a natural progression as processing power increases that the Cedar software would be included into future mixer/recorders.
  11. I know you are looking to purchase a new system, but resale value is also something to consider.
  12. I had one of those Triax Tools Timecode Slates when they first came out(#013) . It worked, it was what I could afford at the time. The battery compartment door broke on mine, thankfully I was able to get a replacement before things went south for the company. Eventually I sold it for a Denecke. There is a reason that Denecke is still around and they are not.
  13. Simon do you want to borrow my QRX100/200 and Camera link over the holidays? I can bring them to the Mixer Mixer tomorrow.
  14. I have had ground loop problems trying to use a Dtap/Ptap on with both the c100 and c300, had to resort to a external battery for my hops. Definitely adds to the bulk but it works.
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