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  1. Hi All, I haven’t been on here in a while but an AC friend just sent me this and he asked me to spread it around so I’ll put it here and other relevant forums to get the word out. I have no direct experience with this issue but this is a well respected AC who really knows his stuff. Has anyone else heard of this? -Dennis “I want to give everyone a heads up about an ongoing issue with the Sony Venice... Be very careful with sound powering any audio receiver via D-Tap when using the Sony Venice w/ Wooden Camera A-Box. I've had one personal experience with a Venice body being fried as a result of this combination and I am now aware of two others going down as well.....the key link between all was a sound RX powered via D-Tap w/ XLR line to the A-Box resulting in some sort of power surge or short in the camera. My personal experience was on a job last year....After powering up for our first scene, the camera immediately started displaying a litany of error codes. Menus completely locked out, EVF showing a rainbow pattern. Camera had to go back to Sony Service for multiple board replacements. They said they had never seen so many error codes on a single camera ( See short clip below, there were 9x total ). For myself and one other crew the sound person was using a Lectrosonics RX ( Lectro LR w/ battery eliminator ) , but I have been in touch with another crew that had the same issue with a Zaxcom system ( Zaxcom 2-channel rx900s ) so it doesn't seem to be tied to a specific unit. It also seems to be independent of having phantom power on / off. Hoping this doesn't happen to anyone else....”
  2. I use a battery eliminator, I got it from Location Sound in LA back in 2004. Can't remember what it cost but it has been very convenient for me. One power switch for the whole bag etc. Having another plug into my BDS is no big deal for me. Seems like infinitely less hassle than charging another battery every couple days. Best, Dennis edit - one hassle was I had to drill a hole in the batt door for the cable, took 10 min 10 years ago. no biggie.
  3. I usually have Lav on 1, Boom on 2 I don't recall anyone ever asking for anything in particular and like everyone has said, best label that media.
  4. I did a feature where the main actress wore the same tube top and mini skirt for almost the entire movie, and many scenes were shot very wide. I explained the problem to the director and it was agreed that the character would wear her over the shoulder bag as often as possible, which it turned out worked well with her character. The Tx hid in the bag, cable taped under the strap. For shots where she had to take the bag off, or if it didn't make sense for it to be on, I'd work out where the pack could go. If I could get away with the small of the back or brastrap I would, but a few times it had to be inside the miniskirt, antenna down, and even then I had to tape the antenna over so it wouldn't show. The actress didn't enjoy it, but she saw that I only asked if there was no option, and she was very helpful.
  5. +1 The "Cut" is on the comeback. That's how to build a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with peers. Skimming is just a dick move.
  6. I do that sometimes with comteks. They're in my case anyway usually. So it would be kind of more work to not bring them. If they're renting the kit piecemiel like that it usually adds up to more that if they had just gotten the whole package, which I'll then point out next time so I can lock in a full kit rental. Depends on the client tho.
  7. wow! Is it the motion of the table that works to line them all up I wonder?
  8. My favorite was a deal memo they wanted me to sign for a pilot. On the last page was a paragraph which said I and and my family waive the right to sue if I am killed or injured on the job by an incident caused by production "either accidental or intentional" The fact that this was a show about people learning how to fly airplanes gave this some extra flavor. I was supposed to be in one of the planes, tho as it happened there was no room for me so I just dropped the bag in the backseat (phew) I refused to sign, of course. Lots of others did sign tho, not reading what it was. I asked the producer if he was planning to have the crew killed intentionally. He laughed. Said he hadn't read the whole deal memo either.
  9. I do what Philip does, tho I will usually talk to the rental guy myself, arrange the package I want with him, and tell him to expect a call from the producer with payment and insurance info. Then I follow up to make sure the production made the call. It is a bit of a risk, it has happened where the producer does something weird, and I wish the rental guy didn't know I was involved. But by now I think they know I'm ok. To me the bigger risk would be production ordering the wrong gear. If I'm paying for a rental and laying out my credit card, I am entitled to a markup. No one has ever complained. Best Dennis
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