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  1. osa

    Nova fw 1.66

    i reformatted my mirror card and this seemed to fix restoring my settings from CF card. so i can confirm "store to mirror card" works for an option Talked to Glenn and Howie just now and they are checking it out for me. sending my settings file to them now
  2. osa

    Nova fw 1.66

    Thx indeed i will call zaxcom tomorrow morning. When it comes to save and recall, do you know if you had success on any version to and from CF card? When I put in version 1.66 i restored to default to test everything. For me even though it acts like it’s working, recall from CF card did not recall my last sitting. Save did not give me any errors to CF card, and the files appear to be there appropriately on the card. I swore that on 1.50 it did restore from the card but I might have been mistaken
  3. osa

    Nova fw 1.66

    curious to know if anyone is still having trouble with iso attenuation in 1.66. right now running tests with tone. my unit came with 1.50 where iso attenuation engaged seemed to klill record tracks all together. or at least full 24dB. in 1.54, iso attenuation engaged only on the first 6 tracks and not on 7-12. in 1.66 iso attenuation engaged applies to random tracks. in both cases with 1.54 and 1.66, ISO ENABLE cross point selection appears to have no affect. i.e. on my maxx i used iso attenuation only on select tracks and it seemed to work as intended also still not able to use save/recall. error store (1) appears on my screen. curious if anyone else is having an issue with this as well or is it maybe my unit in particular -Ken
  4. Home made with an antenna piece and a switchcraft 1/8 trs connector, soldered to ground
  5. osa

    Nova fw 1.66

    thank you! grabbing it now
  6. osa

    Nova fw 1.66

    I spoke with Glenn today about 1.61 being available recently and he said to go with 1.66 that was released even more recent. Now that i am done traveling i tried to find it in the usual sources and all i can seem to find is 1.54. Can anyone possibly point me to a download link of 1.66?
  7. nate that is amazing. Beautiful work. I am completely sold on this condor mod as it is forcing me to rethink everything as light as possible. After using it for weeks even my harness is too heavy. I can never go back to k-tek n orca now i am all in i dont have your sewing skills but my mod i just completed in my hotel room while traveling of all things - i went to a fabric store and got 2” black elastic and trimmed to fit folded around the top opening. I used black rivets and black rubber washers to secure it. 1) it trims where i cut the zipper out from the top a lot nicer and 2) it gives elastic stretch around the top to add extra tx rx bits
  8. osa

    Belt clip for urx100

    Thx! Shot him an email
  9. Curious to know if anyone has found a good light weight solution for a case with a belt clip for urx100s? I am trying to come up with an elegant solution so when handing to directors and clients. Right now it is slightly bulky in repurposed erx cases and it ifeels like handing a walkie.
  10. Ha ha while i am at it was there any mention on the face book about “error store (1)” when attempting to store presets? I feel like I’ve gone through pretty extensive testing so far and that’s the only other snag I ran into. It would say error in store (1) No matter which of the three store slots I attempted to save. But I did have success saving one to the mirror card.
  11. Thank you. I wish we could port that Facebook group over here for those of us who don’t use Facebook
  12. Curious to know if other Nova owners are using iso attenuation successfully. i dont recall this item being discussed as of late. I uncovered what might be a glitch with my unit v1.50 unless i am missing something. With attenuation set to off, everything appears to function as normal. when i engage -6dB or more to any or all iso tracks, i lose audio from any inputs assigned to tracks, but the output assigned to tracks stays in place but does not show attenuation at any level. i can still mix inputs to outputs. when i set back to off everything returns to the tracks record enabled, but the faders remain "up" and have to be turned down to reactivate fader control recorded test and brought into pro tools - image below shows how iso attenuation engaged mid recording seems to cause audio to disappear but only tracks with inputs assigned - digital or analog - and when turned off mid recording audio returns normal. leaving attenuation option off for now. i will call zaxom when i get a chance but wanted to see if there is anything crazy i am missing? -Ken
  13. Thank you rado i am inspired... Front pouch for hi q batt works perfect This below was my previous rig that i thought was compact Whoa what a difference
  14. ran tests today - the only way i could consistently reproduce this problem is BDS powering all units at the same time. rarely the CL would timestamp correctly. only files on micro SD were affected, not files on lav transmitters receiving tc from CL. once i powered maxx unswitched and powered first allowing to boot up full it seemed to fix this problem
  15. This was odd behavior that happened today. i wanted to provide a client with an entire recording of an event for backup purposes. TC is jamming regularly like normal. i was able to pull the file into protools and use another file from the recorder to restamp tc. the last file in the list below is me putting the card back in and suddenly the tc stamped properly? zaxcom maxx and CL block 22
  16. +1 I also like being able to cable the headphone jack to the other side of the recorder and have external access
  17. Wow that is an amazing example. Really puts it into perspective
  18. Thank you for clarifying – not a dealbreaker by any means but certainly good to know
  19. Am I understanding correctly That by design this would support 4x ZHD 48 mode transmitters?
  20. I know july was a pipe dream for delivery but has anyone other than Rado put their hands on one of their very own as of yet? I have been saving my lunch money since april
  21. • Will the Nova support Oasis and Mix16? It will support Oasis but not mix 16 just curious is Oasis supported by the nova upon initial release or is this support coming in the near to not to distant future?
  22. I had been following your “6 pounds development” since its inception and this is incredible fruit of your labors. Great review
  23. my first experience with block 23. my qrx200 is skipping past block 23 as an option for limit scans. i was in the middle of trying to help a friend of mine pair a block 23/24 kit for his job. the trx's allowed me to select block 23 frequencies. i see some devices for sale from time to time in block 23 it was my understanding it was limited use i.e ch37 blocked as per lectro doc below. is the whole block not meant to be used at all in the U.S. at present? https://www.lectrosonics.com/images/PDFs/TV-Channels-Frequencies-blocks.pdf
  24. I am trying to find the photo that I took and i believe i had posted here somewhere… When I had an orca bag i used selfie sticks with my sna600’s that I bought at Walgreens for $10 apiece. I mounted two of them on the front of my bag on the aluminum frame via cable ties and added cold shoe mounts. I recall it working really well in run and gun situations and also could drop the bag and extend the antennas high about 3 feet above the bag.
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