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  1. Can anyone using this combination post a photo? Thanks!
  2. Good to know, thank you. Never experienced fully digital. Would love to know how it compares side by side.
  3. So they send digital data across radio transmission? I think Wisy is digital hybrid, like Lectro. It definitely has some DSP in it however I am not really sure how that differs from this one.
  4. They are digital. Other than Zaxcom, who make a dual channel Rx which is digital, no other manufacturer makes a digital Tx/Rx system with small receivers. When you say digital, how are they different to Wisy or Lectro? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Why are they not dual channel like some other slot receivers? What is special about them?
  6. You can route any combination of the tracks to any output. The Mix tracks are just 2 additional tracks that can be assigned internally from a combination of other tracks. The 4 knobs on the front are currently fixed to the gain of whatever's set as the 4 XLR ins (although this should change in v2.0). Got it thanks. Any news on the release of v2.0 then? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. So you can basically only route everything to 2 tracks but there is no fader adjustment, is that correct? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hey Richard, sorry I am confused now. Are you still not able to mix into a separate track?
  9. They should be coming out soon. I will go for the non-tunable one which is even smaller, he let me use a prototype on a feature pass summer, worked perfectly fine every day for 3 months and it's a huge space saver compared to his previous distro.
  10. I hope so. Sonosax pres are meant to be one of the best.
  11. Would your dealer be up for reselling it as b-stock?
  12. I feel the same but I am still hopeful that it might not be true because I really don't see myself buying a 6 series ever which means its soon time to move over to another company, a new Cantar would be dreamy.
  13. Well if the cable is stretched then you are right, but I think it will be safe if you use cable that is maybe 30cm longer than the maximum length of the pole, this might also stop it from shaking inside the pole as it will be loosely collected there. I think it should be a soft cable like the COS11 ones.
  14. Ahhh OK so its basically like using normal cable except its partially inside instead of being wrapped around the pole. I wonder if using a very soft lav cable is worth trying. If its soft enough to collect at the bottom as it collapses and loose enough to not shake within the pole, it just might work...
  15. I don't get how straight cable can work, where does the cable go when you collapse? Is it a very thin cable, like some sort of high strength lavaliere cable?
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