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  1. Thanks @Jeff Wexler! Glad to be able to contribute back to this fantastic forum!
  2. Hey Everyone, A month or so ago, Mark Farag (another member of the forum) and I launched a podcast called Skeleton Crew. It features conversations with key crew members that would be present on most film sets. Episode 3 features Rachel Cameron, an esteemed member of this forum as well, discussing the role of sound mixer. We had a great time chatting with her and thought some of you would enjoy it as well. The whole first season (6 episodes) is available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and most other fine podcast apps. - Joseph Boyle
  3. Does this hold true for side address microphones as well? I have just started dabbling in podcast recording and am currently using some Marantz MPM-2000's. They come with a little pop filter but I think it could use something more substantial. Perhaps I could be positioning them better as well.
  4. Do you happen to have a link to this part? Or do you know what the part is actually for or what it is called? I went to an Ace and have looked online but can't find it. Looks like a good solution though!
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. So you would only need to use Tentacle's proprietary syncing software if you choose the LTC option, correct? And with the embedded metadata option, an editor could sync it with most any NLE (I know that Premiere and some others don't work with LTC)?
  6. Does anyone know if one uses a Tentacle Sync with the Mix Pre3/6 through the 3.5mm input, will it record LTC on one of the audio tracks or metadata timecode? I've heard conflicting things about this. Thanks, Joseph
  7. Good to know, thanks. If I come across a CMC6, maybe I'll try to do a side-by-side test.
  8. A bit off topic, but what would cause the degradation in quality over time? Would it be related to the mic capsule or the amplifier? I'm curious now because I use a CMC4 (modded to P48) with an MK41. I think it sounds good but maybe it could be even better. I haven't compared it to a newer one.
  9. I think you only need 5 posts (or around there) and then the Buy and Sell section will appear.
  10. Does anyone have any advice or information on the best way to clean the connections on a Schoeps CMC 4/5/6 and the capsules (MK41 specifically)? I have a CMC4 that was modded by Pete Verrando to P48, so apparently Schoeps won't clean/service it. I had an issue with humidity when using it a couple months back and I have read that it may be because there is some dirt or debris on the connection. I am going to be putting a Cut 1 filter in place so I'd like to get the connections all cleaned up and then leave it screwed together to protect against further humidity issues. Update: I found this short piece from Redding Audio: http://www.reddingaudio.com/downloads/Schoeps Technical/Schoeps Basic Care Mics - Hmty.pdf Anyone have any experience cleaning these? I might look into getting a Vark dry tube as well.
  11. Anyone used any of these? One of B&H's daily deals today. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1043394-REG/auray_cfp_58b_carbon_fiber_telescoping.html
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