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  1. Update regarding this machine. I used it for a bit over a year before picking up a Deva. I couldn't be happier since moving away from the r-88 While the R-88 pales in comparison to the Deva in all shapes and forms, the r-88 was a good interim machine for the price however it did fail on me in a few ways. The lack of metadata for one created many problems down the chain for post. Conforming sound is not an option and editors are forced to cut with multiple ISOs and this is not often accepted . The machine has frozen and needed to be reboot once during a take and a few times while not rolling. These happened in "extreme" cold only after shooting outdoors in sun -20 Celsius for not more than 2 hours. The display is also terribly unresponsive in cold . The most significant failure is the push button for monitor control. The push button stopped responding and has not come back. Have tried flashing firmware, cleaning out the mechanism itself with no luck. Sadly this is the only way to access pre fader listen (solo isos) and to change the LR / L+R monitoring split. Please correct me if I'm wrong I'd love a work around. When rebooting the machine it does not remember the left right ear split and defaults to mix L one ear and mix R other. So this makes listening for problems in specific channels a pain in the rear. I called Roland and the proposed solution is to send back to them which logistically they don't make easy and since I only use it as a rental to friends and for a quick already in bag rig. I have not yet bothered. I'll probably buy a nomad before I bother with sending this back to Roland. On that note I've spoken with numerous Roland systems group department heads claiming to be interested in my feedback and feature requests / improvements. But after about 2 years of no progress and seemingly dead threads online I have little faith this unit is going to see any improvement.
  2. Thanks Kirill! Sure I that would be great. I am interested to see the workflow for copying to USB from the machine.
  3. Does anyone know what format to make a USB drive to copy data off the SD card onto USB via the R88? What menu steps are needed to do so? I have not had any luck with this yet.
  4. Just picked one of these up. Anyone notice a horrible buzzing sound on the slate mic? Still coming to grips with the machine. It's a stepping stone between Fostex PD-6 and whatever comes next. Cheers
  5. Mountaintop shoot day! This was taken after the day's shoot had ended just before our descent. I am on the left with recorder in bag and boom op Casey B. to my right. A bonus for the soundies to record the production hell approaching, landing, engine off/on , take off and fly away. The crew, 15 or so fine folks had a 45 m hike up the mountain (cam gear arrived by hell) and then back down in darkness. Got some great shots, quiet location and heli team even radio'd to any air traffic clearing the skies for us. It was a nice day to end the first shoot block!
  6. AudioMTL

    On location Audio MTL

  7. What's the punchline? I'm young, humor me.
  8. I don't agree with that producer's mentality. I see this trend happening. But the problem is fueled when accepting these jobs. To reiterate what's been said , It definitely lies in more corporate, reality, extreme low budget Indy stuff. As always, depends on the show. We try to be a 3 person crew, the past few shows have I have to fight to have a 3rd and insist on a boom op. As stated above, usually from productions that don't know better. Unless it's a sit down interview, I wouldn't recommend/work with any less than a mixer & boom team.
  9. Thank you Jeff. I can't see the "benefit" other than the weight and size reduction from not having those internal drive options. But I understand the industry wants to move to compact solid media! Oh well can't fight the future! Thanks again!
  10. Wow! Thanks everyone for your constructive advice and thanks to those who have taken the time to PM me. I love the Fostex and I get great sounding results with it. My clients are happy and so am I (with the quality and workflow) I have always wanted a Deva. My mentors have always used them and I like the look , feel and prestige that come with them. I also find the users tend to be of a certain calibre (maybe thats just the price point). I am aware of the age old argument with SD versus Zax and everyone is welcome to their preference. Ultimately this is a tool for me to do my job. The Fostex has well paid for itself, and If I had the capital for a Deva when I first purchased the Fostex, it would have well paid for itself by now as well (the Deva). As I stated, I am CONSIDERING an upgrade in many months. Since I last posted, some have approached me regarding their old DV824's and I've been throwing that Idea around as well. I think that may be a great interim recorder (still using PD6 on bag shots) while I wait to see what happens at NAB and any other upcoming Zax deals. Or perhaps just for the Deva 5.8 or Fusion price to come down. Lets get back on topic! Just to learn a little more the diff between Fusion and 5.8 I wasn't heavily considering the Fusion due to its high price compared to a used deva AND the fact that it seems to be less feature rich than a Deva, for example, no internal drive, no DVD burner. Could you enlighten me as to how the Fusion and Deva 5.8 Truly differ aside from the Fusion ONLY offering two CF Card slots? Thank you!
  11. Nothing "stressful" about it. I wrote challenging. Either way maybe I'll do just that! Dv824 may be a good interim step until Zax sorts out something new. Meanwhile I can pay down more debt and enjoy life with my growing family thanks folks
  12. Sorry for adding a little fuel to the fire muahahaha
  13. Thanks Mirror for turning a practical question about my challenging recorder upgrade into a pointless argument. I guess that's to be expected ! I'm still going Deva..
  14. Most seem to be 4-6k. Haven't seen one that low yet!
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