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  1. I used it with my PS601 and it is great,lightweight,versatile and very comfortable! I keep my "moonshine" in power pouch on the back...
  2. Tom

    MKH60 case

    In 416 case (bottom picture) you can put foam windshield for mkh 60 (i tried and it fits) but you will have to cut a foam for mic a little bit because mkh 60 is longer and a bit wider than mkh 416!
  3. Tom

    MKH60 case

    Hi bigsky, I have both cases and the main difference is foam cutout,416 case have cutout for mic,foam windshield and mic holder and 60 case have cutout for mic and two mic holders!
  4. Tom

    IDX NP Batteries

    D-tap connector on top of the 100Wh NP-1 and LED power status indicator on left or right narrower side sounds very yumi.....
  5. Tom

    My new bag....

    Nice work Pascal....very sexy...
  6. Rode is too heavy and too big....locking screw on handle after some time start to slip,basket has too big holes with mesh and it is made from hard and easy breaking plastic(you must be very careful in transportation)....rycote has great plastic(soft) basket with smaller mesh holes which is flexible and it is more resistant if it fall"s down or you hit something heavy on it....pistol grip is much better and with connbox you eliminate all sound"s from boompole and cable....sennheiser blimp is great but if you use it and carry around without furry after some time mesh on basket start to peel and breaking because mesh is on the outside of the frame....sennheiser furry is fantastic and much better than rycote and rode furry because it has longer hair"s ......I use rycote windshield kit 4 with sennheiser furry and it works like a charm......rycote looks and it is better made than rode and if you take care it will be serving you for a long time...I think it is worth every penny.....
  7. Sennheiser HD 25 II with a velour pads are my choice for years,they are light,sound superb,have a great noise isolation and they are very comfortable for my "little" ears....
  8. Hi guys! I am from croatia and don"t worry,any block you have will work just fine! You will not have any problems with frequencies! My little advice for you is that you finish your job as soon as possible,leave your equipment put a swimming shorts and throw your body in the sea and enjoy it! Have a nice time in croatia! regards, -tom-
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